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GoatWorld Goat911 Policy

Your privacy is respected. Any information that you submit is treated with complete confidentiality. Your responses are used in helping the Goat911 Capri-Medics quickly assess the situation and to recommend a course of treatment. Please understand that Goat911 is not a substitute for the care provided by a licensed veterinarian. You may alternately be referred to seek out the advice or assistance of a veterinarian. Please use your best judgement.

Temperature of goat:
The average temperature of a goat is between 101.5 to 103.5.
Slight variations may exist based upon weather conditions.

Approximate weight of goat:
Sex of Goat Doe Billy Wether
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Age of Goat
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Breed of Goat
When did you first notice this situation?

SYMPTOMS - Please check all that apply
Lethargic, depressed, reluctant to move
Down and cannot stand on its own
Grinding or grating teeth
Appears to be blind
Crying excessively
Pawing at the ground
Arched back
Looks very bloated, fat

Not chewing cud
Tilting head
Tremors or shaking
Head pressing
Circling movements
Rough looking coat
Runny nose
Will not drink or eat
Will drink but not eat


No eye involvement
Apparent eye injury
Watery or clear discharge
Yellow discharge
Cloudy or white
Inside of eyeball appears pale


No nose involvement
Apparent nose injury
Clear, no mucous
Clear, no mucous
Yellow nasal discharge
Brown/green nasal discharge
Thick nasal discharge
Thin nasal discharge


No skin involvement
Heavy dandruff
Pimple-like sores
Crusty Lesions/sores
Pus filled lesions/sores

Affected areas



Normal Stool
Unable to present stool
Diarrhea or watery
Firming than normal
Very dark
Mucous strings
Frothy stools
Segments of worms
Strained bowel movements
Very foul smelling


Not applicable
One side/half affected
Both sides/half affected
Hard lumps
Soft lumps
Lacerations/open wound
Blood in milk
Flecks of tissue in milk
Feels hot
Feels cold
Feels hard


Not applicable
Lambar/Nipple bucket fed
Bowl fed
Fed milk replacer
Fed raw whole milk
Fed pasteurized goat milk
Fed raw cow milk
Fed pasteurized cow milk
Warm milk or replacer
Cold milk replacer
Fed other replacer

What (if any) type of medications, antibiotics or treatments have you given this goat since you noticed this situation?

Please list as best as you can what types of medications, remedies, supplements, first aid, etc. supplies that you have on hand.

Please list as best as you can the types of food this goat has had in the last week including sudden diet changes.

Please describe the situation you are requesting Goat911 assistance for

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