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    That's Right! Your very own free web site which you can set up in just minutes! It's easy! Why get stuck on one of those long address web servers that have nothing at all to do with goats? Our free web sites are focused upon building a high profile, goat related community. Simply signup for our free web site feature and have you very own web site setup at an address such as: http://www.goatworld.com/members/YOURSITE

    Currently Open Goat Community: "goatworld.com/members"

    Start Small/Think Big! - Each free web site comes with a limited amount of space but that's not a problem. Why spend endless amounts of money on "web space" or added "extra" features that you'll never need? There are actually many top quality sites that are built with less than 1 MB total web space. It's the perfect opportunity to show your goats on the Internet without paying outrageous and outlandish prices for hosting and design. If your web site proves successful, you may eventually want to upgrade into web package that can meet your needs and budget. We will be glad to discuss your needs with you, "when you need them." But for now, you just want to get your feet wet on the Internet. Why pay for it if it's free?

    Each free web site comes with the feature of being able to maintain more than one page. This is especially important if you want to create a few pages pertaining to a specific goat, a topic, or even a picture or two. This creates a more dynamic Internet presence for your operation.

    With your free web site, you upload your web pages right from your browser. So special FTP or TELNET access software needed. Simply "browse" for the file on your hard drive. Send it. And then take a look at your new web page. It's that easy and it's that simple.

    "What are the restrictions on the type of sites you host?"
    We only allow Goat Related Sites to use this service. We do not allow "link-through" sites; that is, if you have a web site already, we do not allow you to set up a free GoatWorld site and "link-through" to the already existing site. We do not allow sites that are of a commercial business nature. For instance, if you set up a free site for the sole purpose of selling a product or service. It is okay if you want to sell your goats and use the site for pictures and text. But a site that is aimed at commercial purposes is not allowed at this time.

    "Will my free web site have those annoying "pop-up" banners like they have on other free sites?"
    At this time, we do not anticipate "pop-up" banner placement on any free site. However, we are considering "static" banner ads which will appear at a "location you specify" on your free web site. The placement of these can and should be anywhere on your first page.

    "If I have to have a banner ad on my site, will it be goat related or competitive to my site?"
    Any banner ads that may be included on your site will be strictly goat related. We will not place ads for PriceLine.com or any type of affiliates or Internet Advertising Networks that are not goat related. Possible banner ads placed on your site will not be competitive to your web site and will only be related in promoting the GoatWorld web site which in turn helps to promote your web site!

    "Why should I have a free web site on GoatWorld?"
    We are trying to build a soild community for the goat industry. Having your web site listed under a site pertaining to goats is not only good for the industry, but gets your web site recognition as well. Your web site will appear on every search engine that lists GoatWorld.

    "Are there any other communities available besides GoatWorld.com/MEMBERS?"
    At this time, the MEMBERS community is the only one. In the future, we will be creating different communities based upon description or region. For example "West", "SouthWest", "Texas", etc.

    "I need more space for my web site. Can I get more space with my free web site?"
    The alloted space for a free web set is set and cannot be adjusted. However, if you need more space, we can provide you a block of space "on a paid basis"; price dependent upon your needs. Full feature web sites begin at $14.95 per month. Please click here for more information.

    "If it's a free service, how do you expect to make money?"
    GoatWorld has been built with a solid foundation of core sponsors, advertisers and investing individuals who realize that the industry will never get off the ground unless there is a dedicated community of like minded individuals.

    These programs are designed to help you to build your own web pages quickly and effortlessy. If you want to learn more about HTML, there are also tutor programs as well. Program levels of experience will range from Beginner to Professional. Some of these programs will be as easy as 1-2-3. You tell the program how you want your pages to look, it creates them! Other programs will be as complex as having to learn the code. But overall, you'll have your web site up and running in no time at all!

    HTML PROGRAMS - Editors and Templated Programs

  • WebZard 1.0 (freeware)
  • Coffee Cup Free HTML 5.0 (freeware)
  • HTML 2000 1.0 (freeware)
  • Ma Web Page 2.0 (freeware)
  • HTML Teacher
  • Web Page Tutor
  • (Please note, these are 3rd party programs and GoatWorld.com cannot provide technical support for their use)


    "After I have signed up for my web site, what do I do next?"
    You will need to
    LOGIN to your account. You will need your password to LOGIN.
    After you haved logged in, you will see a screen that shows the actual files in your account. When you set up your account, a temporary "index.shtml" file is created for you. You will need to replace this file with your own "index.html" or "index.htm" file you create. Use the BROWSE feature in your Account Manager to browse your computer hard drive for your index file, then upload it to your site. Assuming that your account user ID is "mysite", your web site can be accessed at:
    The web server will default your opening page to your index file you uploaded. Just make sure to name the file:
    index.htm or index.html

    "Do I need any special software to use my free web site?"
    Yes and no. While it is helpful to at least have an HTML program to write and/or create your web pages for your web site, it is not entirely necessary. Many people are astounded when I tell them that GoatWorld was created completely from NOTEPAD and WORDPAD. The difference here being that I know the HTML code. We have several freeware HTML editors available that range from beginner to expert level.

    "I have no idea how to build a webpage. Where's the tutorial software for someone like me?"
    We have two tutorial programs that you can download for free.

    "How do I upload into my web site. I hear the words FTP and TELNET alot on other free sites."
    GoatWorld's free web site structure is set up so that you may "browse" your hard drive and upload your web site files without using any special upload/download software.

    Simply LOGIN to your account using your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
    Once you have logged in correctly, you will see a screen that shows all the files contained on your web site. Please note, that when you created your account, a temporary INDEX.SHTML file was created that announces your web site is new and you are working on it.

    Further down the screen you will see another section with empty boxes. Further to the right of these boxes is a button named BROWSE. This feature lets you browse your hard drive for the web site files you have created. It is a very good idea to create a folder on your computer that will be the folder in which you keep your web site files.

    Once you have "browsed" and located the INDEX.HTM or INDEX.HTML file you wish to upload, simply hit the UPLOAD button near the bottom of the screen. Your file is on its way to your website!

    "How do I put a hit counter on my web site and where do I get it from?"
    We recommend WebTracker which serves as not only a hit counter, but can also be configured to display your statistics as well! Here is an example of WebTracker in action:
    Click on the hit counter for an example of the statistics!
    You can Sign Up for your free hit counter at: http://www.fxweb.com

    "I'd like to put a Guest Book on my site. Where can I get that from?
    There are currently several free Guest Book features available.
    Two of the most widely used Guest Book programs are:

    Please note, since these are "free" guest books, certain restrictions apply to their use. However, some of these sites will also offer other "free" features besides the Guest Book so they can be worthwhile.
    The GoatWorld Guest Book is a special script written exclusively for GoatWorld and is not available for 3rd party use at this time.

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