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Sent by: Jack Howell
Wayside Farms
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Lakefork Hollow Farm's Cochise as a baby.

Sent by: Terry Cerny
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Durbin Creek Farm, Kentucky

Sent by: Doug DeBoard
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This is Wiley, a French Alpine/Nubian buck that we unfortunately lost to pneumonia on my birthday of all days. He was a very big and friendly goat - luckily he had bred the majority of our does before expiring so alot of our kids have him to thank for being here. We miss him alot.

Sent by: GoatWorld
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A few of our goats and sheep. Chesney Farm.

Sent by: Sheryl Chesney
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Our brown-white goat 'Saskia'.

Sent by: Marion Klaasse
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Goatlamb named 'Leintje'.

Sent by: Marion Klaasse
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Goatlamb named 'Doerak'.

Sent by: Marion Klaasse, Netherlands
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Here are my 2 beautiful 5 month old doelings - Seabag Lily of the Valley and Seabag Rose of Sharon.

Sent by: Loree Robinson
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This is 'Fawn'. Not exactly sure of her background but we tend to think she has some Nubian and Alpine. She always seems to be smiling and has a way of turning her head just right to look at you.

Sent by: GoatWorld
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