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Amber Waves Pygmy Goats
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GoatWorld GoatChat is where you can chat with your friends and other goat people about...goats!
While most chat programs are pretty straightforward and easy to use, GoatChat is a little different. You may have a few questions regarding GoatChat and I will attempt to answer them here.
Please remember, if you don't find the answer you are looking for, please let us know so that we may provide a possible answer.

  • Is GoatWorld GoatChat free?
    Yes. At this time there is no cost for using GoatChat. If problems begin to surface where GoatChat is being abused by spammers, hackers, etc., GoatWorld may have to relocate GoatChat within a restricted, by paid membership only, arrangement. Please do your part to help keep GoatChat free by discouraging and reporting any individuals who abuse GoatChat.

  • I am a GoatWorld member and use the GoatWorld Message Forum. Do I use the, same username and password for GoatChat?
    No. GoatChat and the GoatWorld Message Forum are two entirely different software programs. The import/export of accounts between GoatChat and the GoatWorld Message Forum is not possible. If you have a GoatWorld Message Forum account and want to use the same username and password for a GoatChat account, that is permissible, but the two are in no way linked to each other.

  • I am new to the chat world. What is "safe mode" and should I use it?
    Normally no. Safe Mode is for situations where your Internet connection is being directed through a proxy server. What this means, is that if you can login to GoatChat without Safe Mode being checked, you are probably not logging on through a proxy server. If you cannot login to GoatChat and the Safe Mode option is not checked, go back, make a check next to it, and you should then be able to login to GoatChat. Safe Mode does not have any bearing on what you can or can't see in GoatChat.

  • I've lost my password or username. Can you help?
    Unfortunately not. While I might be able to find your username, your password is secret to everyone but you. What I would recommend doing is to simply create a new account. Your old account will then be deleted after a certain period time from not being used.

  • Are there rules and restrictions for using GoatChat?
    Yes. You are expected to conduct yourself in a well behaved manner, and in accordance with the terms of the GoatWorld Web Site Use Policy. Largely what this means is that we do not permit the use of vulgarity, language, or behavior that is of an offensive nature. If you see someone doing this, please report it immediately! GoatChat will often have a variety of individuals ranging from children to adults using the chat room, and they will be able to read what is being written. GoatWorld has a zero tolerance policy for offensive online behavior.

  • I would like to host a chat topic on GoatChat. Is this allowed?
    Yes. We welcome topic moderators and hosts for a variety of topics and discussion oriented chats. You should first establish an account with GoatChat and become familiar with its operation. Once you have become comfortably familiar with the format and options, contact the GoatChat Administrator and give a brief idea of what you would like to do. The administrator will set your account up in such a way that you have extra privileges allowing you access to other features that regular guests and visitors do not have.

  • I tried to register for GoatChat but it says my username is already taken. What do I do?
    Unfortunately this is going to happen from time to time since many people have similar names. Retry it using a different username.

  • I have a question that is not answered here. What do I do?
    Simply send an email to the GoatChat Administrator or ask username "Admin" your question while in chat. We will try to answer your question!

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