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By: "C.E. Spaulding, D.V.M. and Jackie Clay"
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"Here are some basic ingredients that belong in a caprine first aid kit. All of the items below are necessary if you keep a herd of goats. If you only have one or two goats, at least keep those items that are marked with an asterisk. Of course, there are many other things you can keep in your kit, but this is a good start. Ask your veterinarian for his or her advice for your situation. He or she may also be able to supply items that you can't find at your local farm supply store or in a farm veterinary supply catalog. "

  • Balling Gun (calf sized) *
  • Betadine *
  • Bloat Medicine
  • Blood Stopper
  • California Mastitis Test
  • Electric Disbudding Iron
  • Emasculatome
  • Forceps/Needle Holder
  • Heat Lamp
  • Hoof Nippers *
  • Intravenous Outfit
  • Kid Feeding Tubes *
  • Mouth Speculum
  • Rectal Veterinary Thermometer *
  • Roll of Cotton
  • Scarlet Oil*
  • 16 to 10 gauge, 3 inch needle (for bloat) *
  • Teat Dip *
  • 3 or 4 18 gauge, 1½ needles *
  • 12-cc syringe *
  • 2 rolls of 3 inch gauze *
  • Veterinarian's Phone number *
  • About the author: This article can be found in "Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners" written by C.E. Spaulding, D.V.M. and Jackie Clay. Copyright 1998 by Jackie Clay (2nd Edition) and 1976 by C.E. Spaulding, (1st Edition).

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