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The use of Wormers in the treatment and prevention of worms common to goats is a practice among many persons involved with raising goats. Some report that certain Wormers have proven extremely effective while others report that the same Wormer does not work at all. For the most part, depending upon your location, breed of goats and specific symptoms, you will discover for yourself what works best for your herd.

It should be noted on the experience of others that worms can build up a resistance to a specific wormer. Many persons report that by following dosage instructions exactly, worming on a regular basis and rotating wormers periodically, you will greatly reduce the occurrence of worms and related parasitic organisms. Other breeders argue that rotating wormers is detrimental and also can cause certain types of worms and internal parasites to build up an immunity.
There is a simple answer to this - learn how to do your own fecals and judge for yourself what works best with your herd.

GoatWorld.Com is working on listing as many "known to be effective" products as possible. With your help and input, we can continue to add to this list. While this web site is still very much under construction, we encourage you to share your thoughts and input. If there is a particular Medication, Drug, Antibiotic, Narcotic or other type of Preparation or Remedy you would like to see listed here, please refer to our Product Submission Guidelines below:


    If you would like us to list a particular product, please provide us with the necessary information so that we may accurately record the product on this web site. For the reason of safety (yours and the goat), we require that you either send us the empty product package, or, direct us to the site that has the product information listed accurately.

    We will not "copy" product information from email as we cannot verify its authenticity. Again, this regards the safety issue.

    Each product we do list in this section has been copied exactly as it appears on the product packaging.

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