Mike, Helene, Todd, Wes and Zak Carson

Hi, and thank you for visiting our site. We have been raising goats for just under a year now and are having such a great time. If you own any, I do not have to tell you how addicting they can become. They each have their own way of getting your attention. My Eris, my sweet LaMancha will come a'runnin over to you and you better pay attention to her first or she will get a little angry. One of our Boer bucks, Billy Jack has this distinctive scream, Jessie our Spanish will get your attention by getting her head stuck in the fence and will sit there and scream very low until you come out. I can just go on and on.

Why do we call our house a Petting Zoo? Kinda funny, all the kids love to come over to our house and play with the animals. My husband says if we started charging admission we would make a mint LOL.

We started out with over 30 goats. We currently have only 8, and will be building our herd up again in the spring. Being new to goats we didn't realize that it is not such a good idea to get ones that are not used to human contact. So after selling off the escape artists and the ones that we could not, after trying everything get to come to us, and sadly loosing a few we are down to the 8. Please click on the links below to vist "Our Zoo", check back often as we will be adding new photos to our site.

Our Photo Album

Remembering Nicholas

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