Nat's Little Bit Milk Stand

Although not your typical milk stand, this was quick, economical and easy to build.  I think I was 14 when I built it so anyone who can use a hammer and a saw is qualified.. If you can use a drill.. even overqualified :-)

I had some old supplies hanging around

Here's a quick blueprint.  Some measurements may not be exactly perfect, but it gives you an idea of how I created this little, cheap, quick, yet functional stand.  The height of the front "v" piece is up to you, and the height of the legs is also your preference.  I like to keep it low for the older milkers and kids.

Not perfect, nor fancy.. but cheaper then ordering a heavy metal one.  It weighs about 25lbs.. just a little odd shaped for carrying.  (weight depends on materials) 

Assembly steps:

  1. First look the the garage, or wood shed for scrap lumber - remember you can change the size according to your preference.. I like my stands wide and low.

  2. Cut out the pieces listed above

  3. Place all the pieces on the "bottom" size of the board (2x3's flat) mark where stuff ends

  4. Carefully remove pieces, put 4x4 legs on each corner (according to your marks) screw in from top.  Be sure they're square and on the marks. You may want to recess the screws to prevent anything from being sharp (esp. where you sit!)

  5. Flip it on its top again (legs in the air) place all the pieces on - put in a few screws on angles to anchor the 2x3's.

  6. Flip right-side up and screw down into the 2x3 supports. (everywhere, including middle brace)

  7. Now, flip the stand on its rear. (so front is upright - facing the sky) screw one head board in the front on a slight angle.  This is the stationary post.  Add in a staple, or if you're feeling fancy, an eye hook.

  8. Position head board #2 - drill through it and the stand's frame.  Then attach wing nut slightly snugly, but loose enough for movement of that side's head board. (this is the side that you move to "trap" the goat's head)  Add in your staple, or eye hook.

  9. Add your double ended snap to one staple or eye hook.  Size of this varies for thickness of animal's neck - have a few different sizes hanging around, or an adjustable dog collar works too in place of the snap.

  10. Get a cheap-o plant pot stand and a little rubber dog dish, a little bungie cord to secure it to one post if you have a playful doe to prevent knockovers.

  11. A nice coat of some kind of paint, or preservative

  12. Once dry apply some kind of grippie surface - I like the stuff they use on stairs or ramps - its sticky tape with a rough, gritty surface.

  13. Get that doe on the stand, milk, or trim feet! Enjoy!



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