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Purina Goat Products Whether you are a goat hobbyist who enjoys the companionship of an affectionate animal, or a manager of a milk or meat producing goat herd... you'll find that Purina offers ideal solutions to all your goat feeding challenges.
With Purina Goat Chow® brand feeds, you can become a partner with nature to:
  • Enhance kid development
  • Improve lactation
  • Replenish does after kidding
  • Enhance weight gain
  • Increase show performance
  • Diet and Digestion
    Goats are related to other ruminant cud-chewing animals such as cattle and sheep. For this reason, it was once believed that goats coulds be fed the same as their ruminant cousins. But goats are primarily browsers, selectively eating a wide variety of shrubs, woody plants, weeds and briars. Unfortunately many goats, especially does, are unable to get enough nutrients from browse alone to meet their needs. It is also important to realize that certain types of browse pose a danger; wild cherry, hemlock, azaleas and species of the laurel family are all poisonous to goats.

    To provide the nutrition goats need to reach their full potential, supplemental feeding is often needed. Most common supplemental feeding programs include pasture, hay, dry forages and root crops with a prepared diet.

    Problems with Hay and Pasture
    Hay and pasture may vary considerably in quality and nutrient value. Of particular concern is deficit, excess or imbalance of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients needed to promote growth and good milk production. Protein quality can also vary, as well as the level of amino acids. Inconsistencies in quality can be influenced by climate, land use and time of year. Controlling these inconsistencies is an important part of providing the nutrition your goats need to lead healthy, productive lives. For this reason, Purina Mills® has developed a full line of goat feeding products designed to take the guesswork out of feeding goats at all life and developmental stages.

    The Importance of Nutritional Balance
    The productivity and well-being of your goats depends largely on the quality and quantity of the feeding program you provide. Balancing your goat's feeding program and providing the correct diet ensures your goats are receiving the total sum of the daily nutrients they need for optimal health.

    Nutrient needs will vary depending on the goat's life stage and activity level. A feeding program balanced for maintenance, for example, will not be sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of growth, pregnancy, lactation, wool production or for developing body condition and coat quality for showing. As nutritional demands rise with increased production demands, it will be important to readjust your goat's diet and feeding program accordingly.

    For Kids Purina Kid Milk Replacer

    Purina Kid Milk Replacer - A 23% protein, 25% fat nutritionally complete milk replacer for raising strong, healthy kids. Contains all of the essential milk proteins balanced with vegetable oils, animal fats and milk sugar along with vitamins and minerals to promote strong, healthy bones and optimum growth. Can be fed to kids free-choice or on a restricted basis after they have received adequate colostrum. Available in a four pound pail (5504) and a 50 pound bag (5525). Available with a medication option containing Decoquinate* to prevent coccidiosis (55M5), 8 pound pail.

    For The Hobbyist
    (including Pygmy Goats)
    Purina Goat Chow®

    Purina Goat Chow® (5501) - A highly palatable supplement of corn, oats, barley and nutritious pellets in a coarse, sweet feed. Purina Goat Chow® is fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals, such as selenium, Vitamin E, and cobalt and provides 16% all natural protein. In some areas, Purina Goat Chow® (55L1) containing Decoquinate* is available to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

    For Show
    (including Pygmy Goats)
    Purina Show Goat Ration

    Purina Show Goat Ration (5506) - A 16% protein, nutritonally complete, balanced diet with proper viatamin and mineral ratios to promote strong, healthy show and Pygmy goats. Purina Show Goat Ration's mineral ratios and urinary acidifier help reduce the formation of urinary calculi in your goats. Available with Rumensin®* (55E5) and Decoquinate* (55F5).

    For Meat Goats Purina Meat Goat 16

    Purina Meat Goat 16 (55K0) - A 16% crude protein, complete pelleted feed intended for high-production meat goats. Use as a creep feed for rapidly growing young animals prior to weaning. Designed for growing goats (30 pounds to market) and to help condition animals prior to breeding. Available with medicaton options to prevent coccidiosis; Rumensin®* (55T7) and Decoquinate* (55U7).

    * Do not feed to goats producing milk for human consumption.

    Nutritional Confidence Based on Research and Testing

    Purina Mills® has invested years of research and field testing to produce a full line of feeds designed specifically for the unique nutritional requirements of goats. Purina feeds provide the proper balance of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients goats need to reach their full potental. Purina Goat Chow® Rations are developed as highly palatable complete feeds and supplements in both sweet coarse and pelleted diets.

    So whether you want to enhance kid development, improve lactation, replenish does after kidding, or stimulate weight gain, you can be confident you are providing complete goat nutritional management backed by research and the Purina commitment to quality.

    For more information, please consult your Purina dealer, or call us toll-free at 1-800-227-8941.

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