"International Animal Rescue Network Center (IARNC)"
Malvern - Looking For A Good Home
Malvern - Looking For A Good Home"
Meet Malvern. He is a young, (under 2 years old) neutered male Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Malvern should be ready for adoption after he passes his Heartworm re-check. Malvern's foster family reports that he is a very good boy, friendly, loves people and gets along well with children. He is being evaluated to see if he would be more suited to a working or pet home. If you are interested in possibly adopting Malvern, please contact Carleen Conyers - ResQRanger@webtv.net or click here for more info and larger picture.
Saving Animals That Without You Have No Hope!
The International Animal Rescue Network Center was developed to help find shelter and loving homes for animals that are unwanted. Several dedicated and caring individuals have helped to create this network, but your help is needed as well.

Do you know of an animal that needs a good, loving home? Can you provide a home for one of these rescued animals? Perhaps you'd like to contribute to the cause by letting others know that there are organizations world wide that can help. No matter your contribution, big or small, a big part of helping is just taking a little time to care and support for these efforts.

- More Info About The IARNC -
Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network
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  • More Information About The I.A.R.N.C.
    The I.A.R.N.C. was developed in late 2000 for the purpose of finding homes and shelters for animals of all types. I was approached by an individual who needed to get her rescue network more attention than it was - in short, she had the animals that needed homes and she also knew that there are many animals needing homes. Thus the I.A.R.N.C. was born.

    Initially, I feel very strongly that the I.A.R.N.C. should be kept as a basic non-profit organization with one slight exception: any profits derived from the operation of the I.A.R.N.C. are to be used solely for the maintenance and upkeep of the network as well as the upkeep and maintenance of the individual rescue networks on an international basis. This same principle is also to be applied to the several animal shelters world wide who are in constant need of not only monetary help, but of food and supplies to maintain a humane operation for the animals they have rescued and given shelter.

    There was a recent news brief on TV that spoke of an animal shelter needing funding to keep its doors open and the animals alive. Through several contributions, the shelter was able to stay afloat and several animals scheduled to be put to sleep were found loving and caring homes. That is the spirit of operation here at the I.A.R.N.C.

    What You Can Do To Help
    There are a few things you can do to help not only the efforts of the I.A.R.N.C., but to help those individuals and organizations who are already donating their time, energy and money to provide rescue services as they already do:

      1) Adopt a rescued animal - this puts otherwise unwanted animals in caring and loving homes.
      2) Volunteer your time to spreading the word about rescue networks.
      3) Get actively involved with a rescue organization and learn how you can help.
      4) Donate money, food or supplies to any one of these fine organizations.
      5) Report animal abuse - get unwanted animals out of bad situations.

    Contacting The I.A.R.N.C.
    Before you decide to send money, supplies, food, etc., please contact the I.A.R.N.C. to discuss how your help and efforts can best be used. We can often times route your help directly to the individuals and organizations that are in the most need. We feel this is the best way to get the help where it is needed the most.

      By telephone: (417) 443-7625
      By email: iarnc@iarnc.com


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