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Cobalt Sulfate

Cobalt SulfateCobalt was first shown to be of value to ruminants in 1935. Prior to that time, ruminants could not be successfully produced in many areas of the world because of severe cobalt deficiencies. In these locations, including Florida, cattle were limited to certain areas. Given the current knowledge, the most convincing evidence of a cobalt deficiency is determined by the response of the animal to cobalt feeding. The response is quick, with appetite increasing in about a week, and weight gains quickly follow. The remission of the anemia, however, occurs more slowly.

Cobalt has a relatively low order of toxicity in all animals. Cobalt toxicity in ruminants is rare because toxic levels are about 300 times requirement levels. Excesses should be avoided, however. There are also various safety and handling precautions that should be observed in the handling of Cobalt Sulfate. Use this Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Cobalt Sulfate for all precautions and hazards associated with this product (in .pdf format).

Treating with Cobalt Sulfate, Signs, Dosages...
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This product is sold either as an individual item or as a supplement to either the Goat Mineral Mix or Horse Mineral Mix in either a 1 pound or 2 pound amount. When used in this way, the pricing will be different since the shipping for the Cobalt Sulfate is not applied. Please call to discuss your Cobalt Sulfate needs for either of these mineral mixes.

Canadian Residents: This product cannot be shipped to Canada as a single item. The only way that you can get Cobalt Sulfate is if it is mixed in with either the Goat Mineral Mix or Horse Mineral Mix products.

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