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Dolomite Pellets

Ammonium ChlorideOur Dolomite Pellets are new and made exclusively for GoatWorld. This is a great dolomite supplement source for those situations where powdered dolomite is not economical. These pellets also contain other nutritional ingredients as can be viewed below. These pellets SHOULD NOT be fed to sheep or other copper sensitive animals. They should also not be the only source of feed given. It should be noted as well, these pellets are not 100% dolomite composition. But, your goats will love them!

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein: Min - 16.0%
Crude Fat: Min - 3.0%
Crude Fiber: Max - 8.0%
Calcium: Min - 3.5%
Calcium: Max - 3.7%
Phosphorus: Min - 1.6%
Potassium: Min - 1.25%
Copper: Min - 80ppm
Vitamin A: 2000 IU/G

Typical Feeding Routine
As with introducing any new feed or supplement to goats, start with a small daily ration and gradually increase ration to desired level over a weeks time. Once desired level has been achieved, continue feeding daily, once or twice a day. My own use of this product indicates between one to two cups per feeding, per head. Milking goats: you can add a cup or two extra to milking does for improved milking. Kid goats: Dolomite Pellets contain essential vitamins and minerals that will help young kids grow stronger and faster.

Processed grain by-products,plant protein products, dolomite, zinc amino acid complex, copper amino acid complex, cobalt glucoheptonate, manganese amino acid complex.

The overall size and consistency of these pellets is very similar to the size of rabbit pellets. Depending on the screen setting of the pelletizer, the size can vary somewhat between batches. You should know and be confident however that despite any differences in size, the overall size is very palatable to any size goat, young or old.

Canadian Residents: This product can be shipped to Canada. The price for shipping is dependent upon location and overall weight of package. General guidelines indicate an approximate 6 to 10 day shipping time based upon Canadian Customs. For more information, please email Please be sure to include your full address including Postal Code.

Please note - orders cannot be shipped until the customer has paid shipping charges, when applicable. Sorry.

We can also ship this product Overnight or Express Mail for an additional cost. Please call or email for additional information.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 36 hours of placing your order, please contact me immediately as your order may have been misrouted through email.

There are three easy ways you can order this product: By check, money order or via PayPal. If paying by check or money order, please remit amount for the item and quantity you would like to purchase to:

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