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Please take a few minutes to read through our insurance FAQ's to familiarize yourself with our policies and methods. This will ensure that any insurance claims that may need to be filed will proceed smoothly be rectified in a timely manner!

As of January 26th, 2014, ALL orders will include shipping insurance at no additional cost to the customer. There is no need for a customer to select the insurance option from the product ordering options, and this option will be removed shortly to avoid confusion.

The majority of the orders processed arrive safe and sound to the customer location. But accidents do happen. It is generally the heavier packages that might have a problem, but there are instances as well where the USPS processing equipment somehow destroys the shipping label. With all orders now insured, I can more easily offer a remedy to a situation where an order did not arrive.

My Fault or Their Fault? - How should I (the customer) proceed?
It pretty much boils down to two situations:

  • 1)The customer did not receive the order or the order was somehow damaged in transit.
  • 2)The customer received the order but items were wrong or missing.
The very first thing to do in either case, contact me via phone, email, or text and inform me of the problem. I try and track every order from start to finish and can get status updates from the USPS Track and Confirm* system.

1) - If you didn't receive an order, or, the order was damaged in transit, call me. We can often initiate an insurance claim over the phone, and mostly in dealing with insurance claims, it will more often be my responsibility to file and manage the claim. However, the customer may be required to make a statement and/or provide some type of proof of damage through the presentation of physical evidence or photographs of obvious damage(s). Failure to provide evidence or a written statement if required, may nullify my responsibility to process an insurance claim correctly and in a timely manner. I cannot file a claim on an order, nor try to correct to order with the customer, until the customer provides anythig that the USPS requires me to file on a claim. In short, please keep everything related to the order transaction including all shipping materials until you are 100% satisfied with the transaction.

2) - If you received the order but items were wrong or missing, call me. This specific issue is more on me, the seller, rather than the USPS and their insurance policy. If I have incorrectly filled your order, it is up to me to make it correct and I will do so and no extra cost to the customer. In the event an item was sent mistakenly and the customer wants to return it, I will ask (but not require) the customer to at the very least pay the return shipping. I can often offer extra product for compensation in these situations.

3) - Every once in awhile a customer will place an order, receive it, and want to return it because they may have ordered the wrong product(s). In some situations, depending upon the product(s), I can replace the product(s) without incident - customer required to pay return shipping on products if they wish to return them. Some products such as custom mixes are not returnable.

Some products are non-returnable due to issues of potential contamination. "Sealed" products are returnable only if un-opened. Once a customer returns a sealed product and I can verify that the product has not been opened or tampered with, a refund/replacement will be issued.

* When a customer places an order and provides an email address, that email address is used for the USPS Tracking system. The customer should receive a notification from the USPS regarding the shipping disposition of their order. Customers have informed me that since they do not regularly receive email from the USPS, the tracking notification often goes unnoticed into their junk mail folder. Also, customers that have a PayPal account can also find tracking information from within their PayPal account that corresponds with the specific transaction (if the seller adds this information - I do).

Correct Address?
Since nearly all of our shipping is accomplished via the USPS, each time an order is shipped, the label is created through the USPS online shipping feature. Some rural addresses are not recognized in the USPS address system and in such cases, a P.O. Box is the actual customer address. From time to time I will receive an order in which the address is not recognized, and it requires that I contact the customer to get the correct mailing address (usually a P.O. box). Please understand that this situation can delay an order by a few days if not immediately handled. Most orders arrive withouut incident to the correct address. But it is also important that you please check your "confirmed" address with PayPal from time to time, or notify me of an alternate shipping address prior to committing to your order.

Hopefully each of these items has helped to explain the in's and out's of shipping insurance. If you are willing to work with me on resolving USPS based insurance claim issues, I will work with yo to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible. If there is something I have overlooked or a question I haven't answered, please feel free to contact me.

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