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Credit Card Orders - PayPal

I apologize, but I no longer accept PayPal or am able to process credit card orders. In an effort to provide better customer service and ensure product availability, I now only accept check or money order. ALL customers are encouraged to call me at (719) 468-3943 or (424) 781-7296 BEFORE ordering, to make sure I have the products you want in stock. I understand this might be an inconvenience to some, but in the long run, it has proven much better for customer satisfaction, and allows me to charge less than I would have to with imposed transaction fees. It also gives you and I the opportunity to get to know one another better as well so I can better assist you in meeting your livestock nutritional needs. I realize that some folks are skeptical of sending checks through the mail nowadays...you are taking a chance on me following through with your order just as I am taking a chance on your check being good. And it is far more secure than the cyber security issues we are facing with the new transaction systems in place. One complaint I received from customers that used the PayPal system is that I didn't store their credit information for future or repeat orders. Once I get to know a customer on a personal level, I can establish a recurring order process that suits us both. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Gary Pfalzbot

Ordering by Mail

Some people prefer not to disclose their personal information online, especially when it comes to banking or credit card information. For that reason, we offer the convenience of Mail Order in which you can simply send a money order or check for an order that you wish to place. Ordering by telephone is very similar, this will also be discussed further as well. If you wish to place an order by mail, here are some general guidelines for doing so:

    1) Identify the product(s) you wish to order and note the price of each.

    2) Calculate the total for each item to achieve a Grand Total.

    3) The Grand Total is the amount you will need to put on the check or money order.

    4) Include in your order, a brief description of your order, your email address (if you have one), and your telephone number.

    5) Please send your check or money order to the following address:

    • Gary Pfalzbot or GoatWorld
    • 14685 County Road D
    • Ordway, CO 81063

For your convenience, I will soon be implementing a printable order form that you can simply make a check beside the product(s) you wish to order, and include this with your order.

Ordering by Telephone

Your telephone order is just a phone call away by calling (424) 781-7296 or (719) 468-3943. I am not always available to answer the phone immediately, and you will be asked to leave a brief message. Please be sure to leave your telephone number so I can call back as soon as possible. During our telephone conversation I can easily go over prices with you and give expected delivery dates and other related information. This phone number also will accept text messages for your convenience.

Once your telephone order has been made, you will be asked to send a check or money order to the following address:

  • Gary Pfalzbot or GoatWorld
  • 14685 County Road D
  • Ordway, CO 81063

All questions regarding an order or products should be addressed to either:

I look forward to doing business with you!

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