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We no longer accept PayPal for a number of reasons, and I am quite often asked "why" I no longer do...this small FAQ should help explain.

The primary reason we no longer accept PayPal or credit card transactions through a "shopping cart" format is simply because of quantities offered for many of the livestock and mineral supply items.

As you may notice, many items are sold in increments as small as 1/2 pound with many others sold at 1 pound increments and up. At one point in time, I might get as many as 50 or more, one pound orders in a day. This is certainly great for business, but not so great if you do not have the item(s) in stock. Backorder times are generally uncertain, and it has been the case on many occassions to have 500 pounds of an item in stock one day, and the next day be completely out of the same item. It might take as little as a week to restock...it might take as long as a month to restock.

Even when each and every item in stock was available, packaging that many orders in one day became almost impossible. And with 'some' customers figuring it was a small, 1 pound order they had made, they felt their order should be out the door within a day. The reality is that each order, no matter how large or small, takes almost the same amount of time to process and ship. As a result of trying to keep up but failing to do so from time to time, I received a few disputes on the matter. But that isn't the only reason behind my "no PayPal" policy...

Some of the mineral items, specifically the goat and horse mineral mixes which are custom blended to meet customers needs: while some customers would pick up the phone and call to discuss custom blends, quite a few would not and would email instead. This too made it difficult to stay caught up with the actual order processing. Overall it is better to talk with customers one on one so we can discuss specific needs and learn a little about each customers situation. Using PayPal didn't allow me this opportunity as easily: faceless and voiceless transactions became the norm...just ship an order out and never hear from a customer at all.

And using the goat and horse mineral mixes as examples, a customer will often want to add additional ingredients to their order, to be included in the standard mix. PayPal never gave an easy way to accomplish this without having to do a whole lot of tinkering with code...and as I quickly learned many years ago, none of the custom mixes were ever the same time after time. When contacted directly, I could often save a "custom" mix customer quite a bit of money by not having to include additional shipping for each individual ingredient.

Livestock and mineral safety issues
One very important aspect of all this that goes hand in hand with communication with customers as mentioned above: some of these minerals should likely not be in the hands of someone you haven't actually conversed with...much like the rules for veterinarians and the various medicines that lawfully can only be dispensed by them. Techically, all of the minerals I sell are considered safe to handle, but some do come with their varied handling and storage directions. Offering a large variety of items as such would make one curious as to the safe handling and safe storage issues.

I know that the requirement of sending a check or money order for an order is somewhat of an inconvenience where time is concerned, however by not using PayPal to process orders, you are in fact saving a small amount of money that would otherwise be charged for their transaction fee associated with the sale of each item. Many of my returning customers have remarked on how I haven't changed any prices since deciding to stop using PayPal altogether. The way I see it, I am dealing one on one with each customer...it is a transaction between myself and them only. No third party processor adding to the price...the only third party in all of this now is the USPS. I hope that you, as a potential customer, can understand this and know that it has worked out for the better for all involved.

Accepting PayPal for certain items
We will be accepting PayPal for some items such as gifts, crafts, jewelry, etc., but not for any of the livestock or mineral items. These items are being sold in a different realm and though listed on the GoatWorld site and in the GoatWorld store, they are part of an entirely separate business known as the Jolly German. As the store begins to transition into this new approach, many will see how it is all put together.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding regarding the matter of not accepting PayPal for livestock and mineral supplies. I am always a phone call away to discuss your needs and concerns.

Gary Pfalzbot, GoatWorld
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