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ZinPro 40

ZinPro40ZinPro 40 is a nutritional feed ingredient for livestock and poultry. ZINPRO® 40 is a light brown granular powder with characteristic methionine-like odor. ZINPRO® 40 weighs approximately 32 lb/cu. ft. ZINPRO® 40 is primarily used for treating and preventing foot rot and lameness in goats as well as other classes of livestock as indicated below. Also a good source of zinc and methionine and can easily be incorporated into the diet as a supplement. When correctly used, there is no toxicity hazard in the use of ZINPRO® 40 nor residue left in dairy livestock.

"Zinc is essential for goats (as well as other classes of livestock). Deficiency symptoms include reduced feed intake, weight loss, parakeratosis, stiffness of joints, excessive salivation, swelling of the feet and horny overgrowth, small testicles, and low libido. Zinc must be supplied continuously because little is stored in the body in readily available form. Direct and indirect evidence indicates minimum ration requirements of 10 ppm. Levels of 1,000 ppm may be toxic." 1

While zinc is a fairly common ingredient in a large variety of animal feeds, the source of the zinc providing supplement can vary. From the simple form provided by Zinc Sulfate, Carbonate, or ZinPro 40, each is a different approach to address zinc levels. ZinPro 40 ranks very highly in providing a top quality source of zinc supplementation.

Supplementing Zinc
Many customers prefer using ZinPro 40 or Zinc Sulfate to supplement their livestock. In many cases, either of these zinc supplements can be added into standard mixes such as the Goat Mineral Mix or the Horse Mineral Mix.

According to ZinPro 40 documentation, the following "feeding instructions" are provided:

  • Horses: Feed 4.5 grams per head daily.
  • *Sheep: Feed 1 gram per head daily, or 1 lb per 454 head daily.
  • *Swine: Add 2 lbs (908 grams) per ton of complete ration.
  • **Goats: Feed 1 to 1.5 grams per head daily.
  • Laying Hens, Broilers and Turkeys: Add 2 lbs (908 grams) per ton of complete ration.
  • Dairy Cattle: Feed 9 grams per head daily, or 2 lbs per 100 head daily.
  • Beef Cattle: Feed 9 grams per head daily, or 2 lbs per 100 head daily.
*Double recommended levels during periods of reduced feed intake.
**GoatWorld recommendation.

Free Choice or Added Supplement??
Added supplement.
Given that there are "recommended feeding instructions" with specific dosages, ZinPro 40 is best used by adding a measured "daily" amount into an existing "daily" ration and blending thoroughly before feeding.

What is Methionine?
ZinPro 40 is both a source of zinc and methionine. Many of you may already know the basics behind zinc but are unsure about methionine.
Methionine is an essential amino acid. Essential Amino Acids play a variety of roles but most importantly are the building blocks of proteins.

Research indicates that a Zinc-Methionine blend is desirable in dairy goat and meat goat rations for the increase in production yields.
Effects of rumen-protected methionine on milk production of dairy goats

1 1990; Feeds & Nutrition; M.E. Ensminger, J.E. Oldfield, W.W. Heinemann

Typical Analysis
Zinc 4.0%
Methionine 8.0%
Protein 5.4%
Fat 0.0%
Fiber 13.9%
Ash 51.5%
Calcium 8.5%
Salt 2.8%

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