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Posted by Amy Austin on July 31, 2000 at 07:54:33:

I posted this question to Suzanne Gasparot at Chevontalk several days ago, and thought that I had cured the problem but the problem with my doe is recurring and I wanted to see if anyone here could help me shed some light on this.

I have only had goats for about 3 years and thought I was trimming their hooves properly. However, I have a doe that has just had her babies (July 4) and I noticed that both of her back hooves look almost malformed. Her outside toe is much narrower than her inside toe, and is curved into a kind of half moon shape, and when she walks, the outside toe seems to 'fold under' so that she is walking on the good inside toe and the outside wall of the outside toe. I found out that I was not trimming enough toe off of her feet so I trimmed her up real good and she seemed to be more comfortable. I have been trimming her feet every few weeks to try and correct this problem since I can see the outside wall folding under as it grows, but it does not seem to be improving. Its as though as soon as the hoof grows down, the wall folds under. This seems to cause her a lot of discomfort and she limps and is miserable. It is very hard to find people around where I live who know anything about goats or take good care of their own. I have found a vet that will care for goats, but I am not sure how good he is at trimming. This goat is a pet/companion animal for my horse and I don't like to see her miserable. She will forage, but I can tell that she is not comfortable.

She is a nubian cross with some pygmy and some who knows what. She is about 3 years old and weighs about 105 lbs. I feed her about 1-2 lbs of Purina Goat chow a day along with a fescue hay blend that she seems to like. She also forages out in the pasture on weeds and grass. She is producing a lot of milk and takes good care of her kids, except when she is in pain, then she does not even want them to nurse.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am probably going to take her to the vet, but just wanted to get an idea of what I am dealing with.


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