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Tracy Taylor
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Posted on Saturday, July 22, 2006 - 07:24 am:   

Ok, I have posted on goatworld911 and got one response from that. I am just looking for more ideas/opinions and to see if anyone has dealt with anything similar. This all started Thursday and my goat is 2 years old, she is a pygmy, she has a 4 month old that was nursing on her up until this point. She is fed grass hay and has access to browse. They have loose minerals and baking soda free choice.Temp is normal. I was not home when she was first found. They found her laying on her side with one side of her head almost burried in the dirt and the eye on that side was filled with dirt. My husband flushed her eye out very well and cleaned her up. He called me and told me she wouldn't stand and just kept crying. So, I thought it sounded like bloat. Gave them instructions to give her vegetable oil and message her belly and get her walking around if at all possible and not to let her lay on her side anymore. When I was able to get home, she was able to stand on her own and had to be leaning against something. She looked somewhat nueroligical so I also gave her some thiamine (4cc) and gave her some probios. Put her in a large dog crate and would take her out and get her walking around. She started eating hay and drinking water if you offered the water and even ate some baking soda on her own. Later that night, she seemed to get worse and I did repeat the thiamine. By morning she wasn't eating but still would eat. Took her to my dog/cat vet and he used and 18ga needle to release some of the presure in her stomach and gave her an injection of penG. Told me to get some simethicone(sp?) from TSC. They didn't have any so got gasx and got a bloat med for frothy bloat. Gave her 4 of the gasx and messaged and walked her around. She started drinking on her own again and if the hay was high enough in her reach, did nibble a bit of hay. By evening, she was back to the no eat and drink again and was tired of standing. Gave her another 5cc of thiamine and some probios and tried to keep her sternal and laying down so she could relax some. Was quiet most of the night by 7am started crying because she couldn't stand. So got her up and checked my e-mail. The one person that responded from goatworld 911 suggested I treat for polio/listeriosis and the bloat. So, I started 5cc thiamine, probios and 3cc penG. Since she isn't drinking or eating, I gave her some goat drench and a homemade electrolyte solution.

Ok, now the one thing that sticks in my mind is that when we have her out walking around(she doesn't want to but am persuading her to) she walks kinda stiff legged and if she happens to fall over she goes stiff like those fainting goats and screams her head off.

Any help, suggestions, or anyone who has ever experienced any thing like this, I would love to hear from you. I am at my wits end. With no goat vet available, it is tough to treat when your just not sure what is going on. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to give as much info as possible. Thanks you so much for your time!

Southwestern, NY

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