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Goat Kid With a Broken Leg

By: Gary Pfalzbot
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The following article is based upon a thread in the GoatWorld Message Forum. Questions are in BOLD BLACK, responses are in italic and BLUE.

Our newest buckling that is only two weeks old was stepped on by one of the larger does while I was letting them out to pasture this morning. His back leg, he holds it up, I feel no signs of it being broken and he can hold it up. How can you tell if the leg is broken or just hurt? I have put him back up with mama in their stall so he can rest. I have been massaging it and he seems to feel ok except he walks only on three legs. Please help.

If you can massage it with out the little guy going ballistic, it is probably not broken. If it is hot to the touch or there is swelling you can put ice on it for a few minutes (up to 20 minutes at intervals of 20 minutes apart). That helps new injuries feel better faster. It slows down the rush of blood to the area. You can give Children's liquid Motrin for pain.

It is broken at the botton part of the leg. You can bend it slightly and feel the break. I have no vet around to do anything today. What can I do until I can get him into the vet tomorrow? I found a stick about two inches long, and put it under the leg. I wrapped it so it does not move, and wrapped up and around his body. He can walk on three legs fine. Any suggestions? It seems to be a clean break right in the middle of the long bone at the bottom of his leg.

If the bones are still in line they should heal fine in 6 to 8 weeks. A vet can cast the leg or you can just keep it well splinted. A plastic pipe (such as pvc) cut in half longways, makes a much better splint than a stick. Pad the leg slightly, apply the splint and wrap securely with vet wrap. I would have it x-rayed to be sure the bones are in line.

Perhaps you can reduce the pain with an asprin. If you crush it up to a fine powder then dissolve it in a bit of water and drench with a large syringe without a needle. Once every 4-5 hours.

He is now doing wonderful! He had broke his leg in two places. The x-ray showed there were two broken bones. Clean breaks and he is home with a cast on. Sort of casted the entire leg to the shape so he can walk. He can walk on all four now and was so happy to see mom and nurse. I just wanted to show the cast, it is great how he can walk like nothing ever happened. His hooves do stick out enough to walk. Thank you all for your help. The vet I found is experienced with goats and did a great job!

GoatWorld Note: We all like these happy endings! Many thanks to the following GoatWorld Members for their contribution to this article: Elaine Elder, Maggie Leman, and Don Slade.

"Danny" at home with his mama Nellie and sister Maggie.

About the author: Gary Pfalzbot is the webmaster of GoatWorld. He has raised goats over the years, been involved with 4-H (as a young boy) and currently resides in Colorado where he raises a few breeds of goats and continues to research and study a variety of livestock and further the GoatWorld web site.

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