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Ammonium Chloride has been widely used for many years by veterinarians for the treatment of Urinary Calculi. This product is frequently available through feed dealers or in cases where unavailable in your area, is also available through the GoatWorld Store. The following dosages should be used as a guideline for the adminsitration of this product.

Before applying Ammonium Chloride for use on goat(s), please carefully read and understand the following vital conditions:

    Prevention means applying Ammonium Chloride either through adding to feed or adding to water in effort to prevent Urinary Calculi.

    Treatment means applying Ammonium Chloride directly through orally drenching a goat that requires treatment for an existing case of Urinary Calculi.

As with any type of medication, antibiotic, solution or procedure administered, you should consult a veterinarian for further information.

Typical dosages for PREVENTION of Urinary Calculi are as follows:

    Add 1 (one) pound of Ammonium Chloride to every 100 (one hundred) pounds of feed, or, provide one teaspoon of Ammonium Chloride per goat, per day. Typical administration by this method is one teaspoon per one to two gallons of water per day, per goat.

Typical dosages for TREATMENT of Urinary Calculi are as follows:

    Add 1 (one) tablespoon of Ammonium Chloride to 1 (one) to 2 (two) cups of water and drench the goat with the entire contents, daily. Provide plenty of fresh water as well after treatment. The key to using Ammonium Chloride and ultimately curing Urinary Calculi, is to keep the goat urinating as frequently as possible.

Ammonium Chloride is an annionic salt and rather bitter to the taste of humans and perhaps goats as well, even though they are known for drinking their own urine and eating bitter herbs and roots. If you are concerned about the overall taste effect on your goat, you may want to try the following diluted mixture:

    Add 1 (one) tablespoon of Ammonium Chloride to 1 (one gallon) of the following liquid - 1/2 gallon of water, 1/4 gallon of pure cranberry juice and 1/4 gallon of red cider vinegar. You can also vary this dilution by more or less of cranberry juice or red cider vinegar.

TREATMENT requires ongoing administration of Ammonium Chloride for several weeks.

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