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Goat Votes - Poll results for...."The breed of goat I raise and prefer is:"
I Mainly Raise This Breed Goat

The breed of goat I raise and prefer is:

Alpines 112 votes (8%)
Nubians 269 votes (21%)
Boers 281 votes (22%)
Saanens 97 votes (7%)
Nigerian Dwarfs 49 votes (3%)
Pygmys 282 votes (22%)
Brush Goats 13 votes (1%)
Toggenburgs 21 votes (1%)
La Manchas 41 votes (3%)
Myotonics 11 votes (0%)
Kinders 6 votes (0%)
Kikos 19 votes (1%)
Angoras 9 votes (0%)
Guernseys 3 votes (0%)
Pack Goats 7 votes (0%)
Spanish Goats 11 votes (0%)
Landrances 2 votes (0%)
San Clementes 3 votes (0%)
Other 41 votes (3%)
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