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Goat Votes - Poll results for...."Which GoatWorld feature do you USE most often?"
GoatWorld Features

Which GoatWorld feature do you USE most often?

Goat 911 49 votes (10%)
Chat Room 30 votes (6%)
Goat PostCards 25 votes (5%)
Message Boards 77 votes (16%)
Breed Information 42 votes (8%)
Health Information 122 votes (25%)
Poisonous Plant Information 9 votes (1%)
Nutrition Information 19 votes (3%)
Free Web Site 18 votes (3%)
Goat World Picture Show 13 votes (2%)
GoatWorld Auction 8 votes (1%)
Classified Ads 52 votes (10%)
GoatWorld Online Store 5 votes (1%)
Interactive Email Lists 12 votes (2%)
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