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Shown at right are some images of feet. The goat/cow (Fig. 1) comparison shows that the dewclaws of the goat are about the same size as a much larger cow and thus the dewclaws of the goat are proportionally much larger. The cow dewclaws have small bones seen in radiographs (to come) but I have not found these in the goat.

The bones of the foot of the cow and horse (fig. 2) are similar but the cow (and goat) have 2 digits (3 and 4 ) but the horse only has one, the third digit. The upper most bone is the cannon bone which is paired and the 2 parts fused in cow and goat. In the horse there is one main cannon bone and there is a splint bone on either side.

More to come.

Vic Cox

We will be adding more information soon on the dewclaw. Please let us know if you have any photos or information you would like to share. You may email Vic Cox above if you have any questions or comments about the photos and informatiuon featured here.

Goat - Cow Dewclaw Comparison, Photo Courtesy Dr. Vic Cox
(Figure 1)

Goat - Horse Dewclaw Comparison, Photo Courtesy Dr. Vic Cox
(Figure 2)

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