The GoatWorld Picture Show - Frequently Asked Questions and Information

How does the GoatWorld Picture Show work?
- The GoatWorld Picture Show is entirely automated which means all you have to do is click START above to begin. Every 45 seconds you will see a new picture page which makes the GoatWorld Picture Show a very nice screen saver of sorts. The newest pictures we receive are placed at the beginning of the show while the oldest pictures toward the end meaning that you always see the newest pictures first! Starting very soon we will be adding an archived picture section where the older photos will be stored and available for viewing.

Can I place my "goat(s) for sale" pictures in the GoatWorld Picture Show?
- Yes. Persons wanting to place "advertisement text" with their picture(s) have the option to become a GoatWorld Member at an annual fee of $6.00. Your paid membership will include up to 48 photo ads throughout the year (4 ads per month). There's no better advetising deal on any goat site anywhere. Your "paid membership" helps to support GoatWorld and justifies the time spent in adding new information and features all the time. Plus, you also receive a GoatWorld Web Site and access to the GoatWorld Message Forum.

How do I submit my photo(s) and/or advetisements?
- You can simply send your photo(s) to for inclusion in the show. Please be sure to include in the Subject line of your email "GoatWorld Picture Show Photo". It is also IMPORTANT that you send a description along with your photo(s) so that we may give proper credit. Photos that are sent anonymously will be marked as such or not contain a description at all.

Are there any special requirements?
- No, not really. In the past we did require pictures to be a certain size. However since not everyone has the same graphics processing capabilities or the same kind of camera for that matter, we now allow you to send photos of any size. We do recommend that you at least make the photo(s) large enough so that they will display properly. A good rule of thumb is at least 400 pixels wide by 200 - 300 pixels in height. Please note that if you send a smaller photo and we enlarge it, it may appear distorted - in most cases we will make a decision to either use or not use these kind of pictures.

I sent my picture(s) but I don't see them. Why is this?
The most common reason your picture is not showing up is because we never received it! We do require that when you send your picture(s), you include in the subject line of the email GoatWorld Picture Show Photo. Since we receive alot of email on a daily basis, we automatically sort our email and those not correctly identified are automatically sent to the Deleted Items folder of our email program. The only other reason why your picture may not be showing up is because we simply have not added it yet. We try to add new pictures within a few days of receiving it. But based upon how busy we may be, 3 days could be a week. At any rate, we will try our best to get your picture added as soon as we receive it.

Is there anything else I should know?
- Yes. Be sure to include a description of your photo as you wish it to appear. Photos sent without descriptions will be noted as "A description was not included with this image".

Last Items of Importance:
- As we adopt the new format, this page will change and the following information will be included as the Terms of Service for GoatWorld Media: reserves the right to refuse those photographs and/or descriptions which we feel are unsuitable for the scope of this feature and the viewing audience. 2) also reserves the right to use any said photographs and/or descriptions in conjuction with any other our other features such as GoatCards, Goats By Breed and Type, Reference Features, etc. This specific use in no way constitutes ownership or copyright ownership of submitted images on the part of GoatWorld and it should be understood that the photographs and descriptions are used only for the sake of educational and entertainment purposes. does however reserve the right to take legal action against corporations, individuals or entities who use any of the information in such a way for other than the educational and entertainment purposes for which it was intended. In other words, if the information contained within the categories is used for "profit" purposes, we will take action on behalf of and the individual who submits information for inclusion in the GoatWorld Media feature.

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