This is really funny!!

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Posted by Helene on August 30, 2002 at 16:16:06:

Not sure what other bucks do when they are wanting to "look sexy", but our boer buck Bill-E-Jack will curl his lips and hold his head way back and scream this god awful scream. Our other buck Bubba will just do the scream, but not the "sexy dance" as I call it that Bill-E-Jack does, it is really hysterical when he does it I wish I could capture it in a picture.

Anyway, the other day I was standing by the fence, and was drinking a can of Pepsi, talking to my son. Bill-E-Jack comes up to the fence, and of course wants some of what I have. Well I continuted talking and he stuck his head through the hole in the fence and he was nudging me and nudging me because he wanted some of my Pepsi and I was not giving in. I had only a little bit left, so I decided what the heck, and put a little in the rim of the can so he can have some..Well I guess he liked it..because he proceded to do his "sexy dance" for me, no screaming..but he wanted me to pour it in his he curls his lips and put his head all the way back waiting for me to pour some in his mouth..which I did..

So now, every time I or anyone else walks outside with a can of Pepsi or any kind of drink, he runs over to the fence and stands there doing his "sexy dance" holding his mouth wide opened w/his lips curled up and is not a happy camper if you ignore him..What have I started..LOL

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