Little did I KNOW !!!

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Posted by SandyL on October 09, 2002 at 13:11:34:

When I arrived at work this morning little did I know by this time of the day I would have 2 additional family members . It all started from a phone call an hour after I got to work this morning from my mom saying she was listen to the local radio station and it being Wednesday its the day of the week for our local animal shelter to make live announcments concerning animals that they needed to find a home for. Well the announcment was for a 3 year old nanny goat with a 3 day old baby.WELL YOU GUESSED IT BY NOW. At lunch time I just had to go have a look since the animal shelter is just only about 1 mile from my work and the momma goat and baby were there. One look is all it took and I was on the phone calling back to work to let my boss know I would be taking the rest of the day off. But I think she really already knew I probably would be.hee,hee.. Well its almost 3:00 now and just got ms.nanna and baby unloaded into there new goat lot. Oh baby is a little boy, but thats ok,it don't really matter, I already have 7 wethers. The people at the shelter said there was 2 babies but one was dead when the staff came in the morning the kids where born. They were born during the night without anyone checking on them..That alone is sad.. I did have to rearrange just a bit since she will have to be by herself with her baby. And she has horns and no one eles does, but she is in a lot about 30 by 100 feet with grass thats knee high,and a section of the barn is open to her and the baby, don't think she will be complaining much compaired to the 8 x 8 out side chainlink pen with a large dog house for shelter, thats where she had to give birth. She's thin but i'll fix that in no time at all im sure. She is not the least bit wild and she has a very nice udder and the baby is just 3 days old. Im sure the little one will have little horn buds in a couple days but i'll call my friend later this evening to have them burned just as soon as possible. I think I got a pretty good deal for my 40.00 dollars..

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