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Re: Bad situation that turned out okay

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Posted by Karen on April 07, 2002 at 12:03:09:

In Reply to: Re: Bad situation that turned out okay posted by Nat on April 07, 2002 at 09:30:43:

Never got caught in a goats horns but I have been hit in the head by a overly playful wether. I know that explains alot doesn't it. No comment from the peanut gallery Dalice. He started to butt the horses and then got me and Caleb. Seems like he too went to the sale barn, we hated to do it but it really smarts when they hit you, and butting Caleb was the last straw.
I did get tangled in one of the sheeps horns that was scary. Curly has four horns that have all started on the second curl. He is not agressive at all thank God. I was graining the sheep and reached down towards one of the ewes and didn't realize he was there, stuck my arm from the elbow to the wrist through his horns, he never moved. I am much more careful than before he would have shattered my arm w/o even trying.
Gary I am glad it worked out with your doe that could have been so much worse. Still it makes you wonder how is that you happened to be there with your wife and were able to do all that w/nobody getting hurt. Try to get some rest so you will be feeling better. Not sure what sounds better duck or chicken soup, as long as it's not from a can and you have plenty of fresh veggies and real noodles they are both so good. Take care so glad it all worked out for you.

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