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By: Sandy Logan
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( Note: Kind used for water & drain projects.)

No Waste Grain Feeder Purchased from Hardware stores, Lowe’s and or Home Depot Stores. Plumbing Stores, etc. These types of feeders hang up. When completed they will look like a swing. Great way to feed goats without any waste. I make my feeders 4 to 5 foot long. That will require a 4 or 5 foot piece of 4’ diameter PVC pipe. You can make one according to the size you need. I would not make one no long than 6’ in length. Make as many feeders as you need. First you cut the PVC pipe in halve, length wise. I cut my pipe into with a jigsaw. A band saw could possibly work. This will give you 2 sections, which will make two feeders.

Set two 4x4x6" post in ground in the location you would like the feeders place. The post needs to be spaced apart the same length of the PVC pipe sections + 1’. By adding one additional foot, six inches on each side of the feeder it will allow the feeders to hang without hitting the post. You can space the post at what every distance apart you like. Just remember to center the feeder.

Nail one 2x4 cut to the correct length and nail across the top to each post. At this point it will look like a swing frame. Please use all pressure treated materials when building your feeders outside.

Next you must enclose both ends of the cut sections of PVC pipe to keep the feed from falling out on each end. The way I do this is to cut the end pieces from scrap pieces of 2x6 treated lumber. First place the scrape piece of lumber on the end of the pipe section and mark with pencil. I use a jigsaw -- that way you can cut the curves out just right. Cut the pieces the same size as the ends of the PVC pipe. Fasten the wood end pieces to the PVC pipe with screws ( use 3 1" to 1 ½ " wood screws on each end piece) going through the PVC pipe first and then into the wood end pieces. You may have to pre-drill the holes into the PVC pipe first in order to get the screws started. I do.

Next use two eye bolts. Screw the bolts into the center of the end cap pieces. Use chain (porch swing chain will work) to hang the feeders from the 2x4 that you placed on top of the post. Screw two hooks up underneath through the 2x4. I use chain links to hook the chain to the end pieces. That will enable you to easily remove your feeders and to adjust for correct height.

Your goats will enjoy these feeders and they will last for years. A couple of my feeders are over six years old and look just fine. Just remember to use thick wall PVC pipe -- it’s more heavy duty than the regular. The regular could possibly get broken and probably will. It is very thin and costs less than the thick wall type. When you’re building something for goats get the heavy-duty stuff. Goats usually will try to destroy just about everything they come in contact with especially -- something new in their pens and goat lots. If the feeders are installed outside like mine are ( no room inside my barn for them), you will need to drill holes to drain rain water from the feeders.

Drill 1 hole about 2" from each wood end cap. The hole should be about the size of a pencil. These types of feeders really save me time by eliminating dirty feed pans that have to be cleaned daily. When I first got my goats over 6 years ago I bought six plastic feed pans. I learned really quick that was not going to work. To much trouble and work. I would rather play with my goats then clean dirty feed pans ever day. Goat feet in feed pans don’t get it if you know what I mean. The pans were always dirty and more feed was wasted than eaten. I have 20 goats and four feeders that are 5 foot long. I do not have any grain waste at all. I also make mineral feeders from PVC pipe that works great as well and there is no waste of expensive minerals.

If someone is interested in a mineral feeder made from PVC pipe I would be glad to explain the details in making one. Just let me know. Enjoy building your goats the above No Waste Grain Feeders. I know they will enjoy it as much as you will.

PS -- Five grown goats can eat at one 5 foot feeder comfortably without to much pushing, but no more. For any additional information concerning the feeders please e-mail me at I wish I could e-mail pictures of my feeders. But at this time I have no way of doing that. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to do that.

About the author: Sandy Logan has raised goats for 7 years. All my goats are pet goats. I have LaMancha's and Nubian's. I have at this time 19 total. I live in TN.

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