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"GoatWorld Reprint Criteria"

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GoatWorld Reprint Criteria

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of requests for reprinting various articles, information, and other features from the GoatWorld web site. While we are, and have been generally open to allowing various requests to use GoatWorld content, we have also noticed an increase in the number of publications using GoatWorld material in a "for profit" manner. This includes the plagerising of various information, word for word, line by line. This also includes contacting us via email with a barrage of questions that end up in a research paper or similar publication.

Therefore, we request that those persons, clubs, organizations, etc. requesting to reprint material for republication, Join GoatWorld as a member to help support the GoatWorld web site and help us to continue working on bringing the most up-to-date and informative information as possible to light regarding goats and the industry. You can also consider advertising on GoatWorld at very low cost rates. It costs time and money to provide this web site as a free resource, and in effort to continue promoting the goat industry, we need your help as much as you may need ours.

Reprint by way of a web link
Linking to articles and information all over the space of the Internet is a common practice and for the record, unless otherwise stated, is permissible. However, if you link directly to an article on the GoatWorld servers, credit must be given. This does not include the copying of a GoatWorld web page onto your web site and giving or not given credit to the respective author.

Reprint and use for scholastic, educational purposes (non-profit)
As a student myself at one point, I realize that students and teachers need access to information. Students and teachers are welcome to use various information from this web site, but should remain aware that much educational research requires citing the source of such information. In these instances, simply citing GoatWorld.com will suffice.

For Your Information - "reprinting" articles in our definition refers to the recopy and republication of material in or on another web site, book, magazine, flyer, newsletter, etc. The term above does not apply to an individual printing out an article for his or her own personal use.

Even though an individual has become a member of GoatWorld, we still ask that you please ask first before reprinting anything in any way, shape or form. Please be respectful of the time, energy and money it took to create, maintain, and continually improve this web site. I will state for the record that I am a service-connected disabled veteran who has found some form of therapy in developing and maintaining this site. If you truly support our troops and have a heart for veterans, please take into account that nothing comes for free. Please contribute information, your own help or resources, or a financial contribution to allow me to continue providing this web site for the Goat World community. Thank you.

Content Strictly Prohibited for Reprint!

The Goat911 Emergency Contact List and the GoatWorld Emergency Evacuation Network List are not to be copied or reprinted in any way shape or form! The individuals volunteering for these features may change their information and/or contact data from time to time. Case in point: an individual listed passed away a few years ago and his family was still receiving calls! Please respect the privacy of these features.


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