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"GoatWorld Banner Advertising Program"

Why advertise with GoatWorld?

Thank you for your interest in advertising with GoatWorld. We offer several advertising options to meet your budget and advertising needs starting at $10 per month. The high traffic numbers that GoatWorld receives on a monthly basis averages anywhere from 6 to 8 million hits per month*. Much of the traffic on GoatWorld is very diverse in demographics, making exposure of your product or service a very wide scale exposure. Perfect for the small business looking to break out of the local market.

With over 8,000,000 verified page views per month, GoatWorld receives a very high level of daily traffic that will get you noticed! You can't go wrong at these prices!!

If you are goat related business on a budget, our $10 per month Banner Advertising Program may be the perfect option for you! For $10 per month, you receive one of the following banners of your choice:

Each one of these three banner ad options below, individually cost only $10 per month. No set up fee or extra costs involved!


Diamond V NaturSafe


Signup now with your info and then use any of the buttons above to Subscribe to a $10 per month banner ad program.

  • You are given the option of creating the appropriate banner for your needs (468x60, 140x100 or 125x125 pixels). More Info
  • High visibility throughtout the entire GoatWorld web site. Example: clink on the link to each of these areas to see various banners in action: GoatWorld Main Page, GoatWorld Articles, GoatCards, GoatFacts, etc...More Info
  • The 468x60 and 125x125 banners are animated in eye-catching fashion. More Info
  • 468x60 banners are contained in a queue that display randomly through the GoatWorld features and pages upon page refresh.
  • The 140x100 banner is a static, non-animated banner More Info
  • No hidden fees, no hidden costs More Info
  • Note: GoatWorld.com is supported by donations, memberships, and from the sale of our products. If an individual or company signs up to advertise on GoatWorld which has products or services that would be in direct competition with ours, or that we deem not suitable for the GoatWorld site, we will cancel that subscription and refund the advertisers payment.More Info

Premium Advertising

Our Premium Advertising option starts at $30 per month and is located on the GoatWorld Main Page, where it appears in the following 575x300 premium space:
(Your ad appears where the Central Institute for Research on Goats" appears on the GoatWorld Main Page.)
The Premium Advertising package also includes one (1), 468x60 banner ad as listed above, including all the options that come with that package as well.

Text Based and Keyword Advertising
Some of our advertisers prefer to purchase text or keyword based advertising. These type of ads are usually specific to a page or set of pages. Pricing for Text Based or Keyword Ads are different than the $10 per month rotating banner advertising program and are generally based upon a "one time cost" for a specific duration of time. For this type of advertising it is best to contact me via telephone so that I can get a better idea of how you may be better served.

Static Banner Advertising
In some instances, our clients would prefer to opt for a static banner placement. That is, a clients banner will be shown in a specific, non-rotating location on the GoatWorld web site. Please understand, this option is limited in availability and space. The primary areas where a static advertisement can be placed are on the GoatWorld Home Page, and the GoatWorld Articles Section. Costs for this specific advertising option are different than the $10 per month rotating banner advertising option. Pricing for any one of the 3 sizes available are at $30 per month and are not based on a subscription basis. Due to the limited space and availability of this program, you may want to instead consider the Text Based and Keyword Advertising options below.

If you have further questions about our advertising program, please contact:

  • Gary Pfalzbot - gary@goatworld.com or call (424) 781-7296
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