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"In Memoriam - Please take a moment of silence to wish these passed spirits well in their new pastures."

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About Our "In Memoriam" Section:

Here at GoatWorld.com, we reserve this section for those who wish to post a public memorial to the memory of an animal, whether goat, or other livestock, livestock guardian or family pet who has passed from one phase of their lives into another dimension of it. If you would like to send us your photos or just post a note on the message board here, please feel free to do so by following the instructions listed below.

We're hoping that you don't have a reason to use this section very often. But if you do, we also hope that it will give you some sense of peace and new beginning by laying your loved one's memory to rest, so that you may be able to turn your attention to those still living who need that same love and affection that you are taking the time to share with us here.

Visitors please understand that Goat Owners feel as strong a loss regarding the death or unexplained disappearance of their animals as do other humans for their own family members and family pets. Often the Goatkeeper at any level has spent many hours feeding, caring for, nourishing and nurturing their livestock or guardian the same way that others pamper the family dog or cat or prized show horse, bird or rabbit.

It is in times not only of the joy of birth and during the various stage of happiness at achievements and growth and progress along the path of life, but also in times of tragedy or death that we must remember to respect the often exhaustive efforts of these caretakers and allow them a moment and place to honor their animals with a tribute to them, no matter how small.

Even if only with a brief note of sympathy or a simple look at a photo and a heartfelt smile at how special that animal must have been to "its human" for them to want to post it here, we can show our respect and support, regardless of our own ways or ultimate beliefs about one's living or dying.

With that in mind, we offer our own entries in memory of those we tried to save and couldn't and those who tried to live and wouldn't and those who live and still are trying, while we recall the pain of others dying...

In Memoriam:
Wiley and Toby and other friends of ours have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.
Assumedly, so has Squeak and others like her, who remain missing...

In their memories, we ask this:


May those of you paying tribute here
to those who left you last,
find the strength to see beyond the tears.
As you recall the days, the months, or years
that you spent with those who've passed...

May you vow to give your very best
to those still here, in testament
To those now gone,
who've given you
such joy...

And to show the rest still here with you
That you will try to love them too..
Maybe not the same, but just as much
With a loving word or a gentle touch
With a softer voice or a firmer hand
With a few more treats
or a few less harsh scoldings..
over nothing really..

..or a few more minutes
each day
..to play..
when you're exhausted...
...but you play, anyway.

And when you see they've gone that extra mile,
May you share with them your tired smile,
So they know that though they had no need
To try harder.. it was appreciated..
by you..
..their friend and teacher.

May you come to understand and learn
What others may never, ever see
How these wonderful creatures large and small
Can capture our hearts and touch us all
And though we ache with every death and fall..
They become quite often...after all..
part of
.. our families..

Despite their silly grins and angry frowns
And mournful looks when you're feeling down,
Their escapes through the fence
that you thought was sound,
(Which they always make while you're gone to town)
So you'll spend some time to look around..
and notice them.. do you..?

Their needs may seem too much too bear
When we're running here and going there,
But they really only ask us for our time,
And will try to give us little signs,

When something isn't right as rain
And they're feeling down or in lots of pain..
..they try to tell us..
But sometimes..
they cannot...not in time...

Sometimes the winds of change will blow
and neither we nor they will know
Why the time has come for them to go..
And we will cry...and ask God why?
..and try and try
and try and try..

..but they still go..

These things happen...

So the best thing we can do for them
and all whose lives their spirits touch
is try so very, very much to show
Those we chose to call our friends
Whose time on earth is at an end..

That they did not leave us here in vain..

Because someday when things are really clear,
When there's no more pain and no more fear
And when dust has begun to settle here...
We'll greet them once again!

-- Pamela Pfalzbot, 11/8/2000


May their spirits walk with yours each night
in beautiful dreams and flights of fancy,
through the greenest pastures and clearest streams.

May you once again be happy
to feel them near and hug them close
each night you fall asleep
and cherish all the memories
you're privileged to keep.

New friends can never take the place
of loved ones who have died.
So remember to leave a little space
for new memories inside.

May Peaceful Rest come to each of us,
All creatures small or large,
But until it does, take time to love
Those extant in your charge.

-- Pamela Pfalzbot, 11/8/2000

Suspected Stolen 11/01/00

Pneumonia 1998

Dog Attack - June 2001

"Ms. Nanny"
Pneumonia 11/20/00


Zhengrong died of Urinary Calculi
"Charlie Girl"
March 2011

Zhengrong died of Urinary Calculi
Urinary Calculi - November 2009

Lillie killed by an in-city coyote attack
Coyote Attack - January 2008

Larry died of a long term illness
Illness - January 2008

"Uncle Sam"
Eye Cancer - August 2004

Poisoning/Pneumonia - October 2003

Illness - February 2003

Unknown - October 2001

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