"GoatWorld Picture Show - Submit Your Pictures"

Getting Your Pictures To Us
There are a couple of ways that you can send your pictures to us for inclusion in the Picture Show:
    1) Via Email - simply send your picture(s) as an attachment to gary@goatworld.com with the subject line of GoatWorld Picture Show Photo.

    2) From an Internet Location - simply send us the address location of your picture(s) in the form of an email to gary@goatworld.com with the subject line of GoatWorld Picture Show Photo.

    Important! - in order to correctly process and identify each picture you send and we receive, please make sure to do the following:

      a) Subject Line of your Email - be sure to put "GoatWorld Picture Show Photo" in the subject line of your email. Due to the high volume of email we receive, we sort each email by subject line. Your email could be deleted if not identified correctly!

      b) Adding Descriptions - if you would like your picture(s) to contain a description, please be sure to add this when you send your picture(s). Please also indicate your location and farm name if you wish. Due to the amount of time required to operate and maintain GoatWorld, we will not add picture descriptions after we have added a picture and included it in the Picture Show rotation.

GoatWorld Photograph Usage Policy
Please understand that while GoatWorld does not or will not claim ownership of your pictures sent for inclusion within a feature, your picture(s) will be tagged with a copyright line similar to the following:
  • "Photo courtesy (your name, farm, etc.) - Copyright (year) GoatWorld"
We feel this will prevent unauthorized use and reprinting of pictures without giving both yourself and GoatWorld due credit for making the picture(s) available.

Please also understand that since GoatWorld is providing server space for your submitted picture(s), we reserve the right to use your picture(s) in any one of our features. A good example is a picture submitted for use as a GoatCard. We may elect to also display this picture in our GoatWorld Picture Show.

GoatWorld Privacy Policy
Your privacy is respected. Any information that you submit is treated with complete confidentiality. Email addresses are not sold to marketing companies nor are they placed on a list that will bomb you with junk mail. You have the right to choose whether or not your email address is to be displayed with your pictures. However, since the GoatWorld Picture Show is a feature made available to all GoatWorld visitors, we cannot be held responsible for "email harvesters" that may copy your email address from a page. Please use your best judgement.

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