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I am in Southeast Missouri, in the Ozark mountains (not the bootheel). I am originally from Brazil where I majored in Animal Science, but I was interested in "producing Zoo animals". So I just did learn the very necessary to graduate. I came to the United States 10 years ago, working with wildlife (Tamarins in Brazil, Black Footed Ferret, and Migratory birds in the US). Then I became wife/mother and mindless worker :-) On a summer morning, I went with my daughter to a sheep/fiber fest in a town nearby our then "new home" and I found those weird looking sheep, and had to ask what kind they where. The lady told me: "they are Angora goats, it's from the biblical times". I just could not get them out of my mind. So the next year I went to the same fest to find out more about them and it was only a matter of weeks until I got my first goats (a buck, and a bred doe - I did not know any better). Just my luck - my doe had a beautiful all black male, so I needed more girls. I got my does mom with a kid and a white color carrier. Adding it all up, they are 6 Happy Colored Angora Goats, 20+ chickens, 4 cats, 2 dogs (Beagle, Boxer) and one human girl (6 years old). Now I am learning what to do with the fiber :)

I live in Liberty Texas on 40 acres. I now have 8 goats and growing. Other animals include 8 cows, 3 horses, a bull, a cat and 5 dogs. I don't work but my better half is employed with a major chemical company as an operator. Since I don't work, all of my time is spent with the animals, which I totally enjoy.

Hi. My story is about 8 years ago I decided to get a pair of pygmy goats for my son's birthday. These were for him mind you. Well, these many years later I have dabbled in just about every breed but boers. Now my focus is Nigerian Dwarves and Mini Nubians. I am the goatlover in the family I would have a hundred if I could afford it! My children also love all our animals. My husband only likes the cattle. But at present we number 19 with all does bred for spring. I live in SW Michigan just near Kalamazoo! Besides goats, I have four human kids ages 10, 8, 5, and 4 that I homeschool. Other animals include Mini Jersey, Belmont, and Dexter cattle. We have a small herd of Icelandic sheep. One Great Pyr female, Lily, two Dobermans, several ducks, chickens, guineas, and many barn cats. ALthough I have had goats for 8 years I do not find myself an expert and continue to learn new things everyday.

I am fairly new to this site but have always wondered about the people on it. I live in Quebec Canada, the French speaking province. I just started out with goats last spring and now I have two - a Togggenburg\Alpine doeling named Lily and an Alpine buck named Valentino. I love them to bits. I've always wanted to get goats which goes way back. I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, so I've always been into animals all my life one way or another. I'm 37 years old , have 3 daughters 14, 7, and 3. And oh yes, can't forget about my other half, my man François. Lily is pregnant and she's due on March. Right now we are winterizing the goat house. I'm looking forward to seeing them in the snow. I love this site and all you people on it.

Hey there! I live in Houston, TX. I have 44 goats which are mine, and 4 that are my neighbor's (Boer show goats). I inherited them because they kept jumping the fence. So my husband said they could stay over here as long as we could put up a gate between their property and ours. So now my goats have 5 more acres to browse! I have 2 horses, 9 cats, 3 ducks, 1 cockatiel, 1 guinea & 5 chickens. I started out with just 3 goats about 7 years ago. All of them were born and raised here except for the 4 neighbors goats and 1 little Boer nanny that I rescued. I've had her here about 4 months, and she's now pregnant. I mainly keep my goats for brush control, and I sell all the males when they get "too big for their britches." I use to work at an Insurance company as a technical analyist until I had a stroke and am on disabilty. I'm 46 years old and never thought I would be raising animals. So, I started raising my goats and realized I LOVE IT! I guess over the years, I've had about 150 goats altogether. I've sold them to autions and to individuals wanting them for brush control. I don't know about you folks, but I love to watch them in the mornings, playing, jumping and seeing who's the king of the hill.

"Denise Hack"
I just wanted to say hello to everybody on the boards. I just joined this evening. I've been a Goatworld fan for a long time, so I'm happy to be able to talk goats and learn more from everybody here. I live in Idaho, I have mixed breed goats, mostly Nubian/Boer cross. I have been raising goats for about 7 years now and love them! Currently I have 9 does and 11 babies....they never cease to amaze me and entertain me, I learn from them everyday! Anyway....that's a little about me...looking forward to reading the posts!

Hi! It's great that we're all back-and what a wonderful idea, Nat, to have us all tell each other a little bit about ourselves. I'm 51. My husband and I were born in NYC, but were fortunate enough to be able to move to Upstate NY, south of Kingston/Woodstock in 1996, the rest of the family had already moved here over the years. (We're probably the closest in distance to Mary). We live in a 250 y/o stone house on 35 acres. As soon as we moved in, we found a concrete pad that my husband used to build an outbuilding for storage, but as the walls were going up, we were asked to rescue 2 Alpine goats (mommy Starlight, and nursing wether Billy the Kid)--we got a book on goats on the way home. So much for the storage building--a few months later, the enforcement division of the SPCA knocked on the door--they wanted us to take some of theirs, too! (Toggenberg and Nubians). And so began our herd. Of course there were others--the little "I don't know what" breed that came to us orphaned at 2 1/2 weeks old when someone chickened out after buying her for Easter dinner, the Saanen/LaMancha that nobody could keep contained (she never leaves, but she's been spotted walking along the top of the fence)...and more. We had tragedies along the way--I didn't know about groups like Goatworld, etc.--we lost Billy the kid, and later his nephew Moonshine to urinary calculi--we lost Sundance #1 Nubian) to goat polio--and finally, Bandit (our parrot mouthed hermaphrodite, polled Nubian) could no longer get up from CAE and had to be put down. I hope their deaths were not in vain if I can alert others to these conditions when there is any possibility. The weekend before Christmas Eve '97, we rescued a llama gelding that had an ingrown halter and also a string ingrown around his neck. He was in his own pen by the road for five days, except for daily visits to introduce him to the goats, so we had to hang a tarp from the trees for temporary shelter, with his hay and bedding. It suddenly started to snow, and, with his camelid face looking out from the "tent", the scene looked almost biblical--one I'll never forget! Cars slowed down at first thinking it was a decoration! By the end of the week, he had moved in with the goats, and self-appointed himself as their guardian. He puts a stop to squabbles too, and especially protects the youngest kids-who learn immediately to run to him for protection. They even jump on him, and he sleeps with his head on his favorite doe. We also rescued chickens along the way, and horses (we have 3), and 3 dogs(2 rottweiler-shepherd sisters, and 1 rottweiler), and 13 cats(whoops, 12--we're adopting one out tomorrow because she's still scared of the others after a few months, and I have to put her in her own room every night when she comes in to eat). I don't know at what point our neighbors and friends started to actually call this a sanctuary--but they even named it--Law and Disorder because of my husband being chief of police and my being a doctor. And that is my story. And thanks for having you guys here--you're great! http://hometown.aol.com/docP001/lawanddisorderanimalsanctuary.html

"Goat Mom"
Very good idea. I have always wondered who every one is and where they live?? Also how you all came to get bit by the bug. With me, itis the neighbors fault. It goes like this - next time you go to the auction, if you see a Boer goat, pick it up for us. Well, I wouldn't know a Boer if it butted me. But a really nice little old farmer told me, there are 2 out back . Walla, a boy and a girl. What A find! Bought them both. Found someone to take them to the farm. I have no trailer! Called my neighbors. They came and looked and fell in love with them. AND proceeded to make me a deal. Hildagarde was a dairy goat, in full milk. And I do mean FULL. And of course they couldn't possibly separate her from her daugter and two grand daughters. Well that seemed to be a fair trade for someone. Still don't know who?? He did throw in a home-made milk stand. By the way, he eats theirs - I feed mine. How can 3 turn in to 50 in four short years? Don't ask. Ww could be here all night. Oh yeah, I live in beautiful and cold, Colorado.

Well, whenever I write, it seems to come forth in volumes so I'll try to tone it down a bit. Of course, most of you know me already. I live in Highlandville, MO with wife Pam. We've raised goats for 4 or 5 years now - I had previously been involved with 4H back in the 60's where I had my own goat and did shows. We have close to 40 now - basically a mixed bunch - Saanens, Boers, Nubians, Pygmys, LaManchas, British Alpines, Toggs, Fainters, Nigerian Dwarfs, LaBoers, and one Angora doe (hope I didn't miss any of them). We are gradually reducing/building our herd because we started with brush goats with one purpose in mind - weed control. We also raise alot of poultry - ducks, geese, chickens and peafowl as well as close to 60 rabbits, 6 sheep, 1 pig, a Weimaraner and 2 Great Pyrs. I'm a person of mixed background; Electronic Engineer and professional musician by trade, played a bit with a couple of bands you've probably rock and rolled to on the radio at one time - not done yet I hope. Right now I'm doing construction because there are not alot of electronics firms in Springfield, MO which require my skills. Came from SoCal in 1996 to get away from the rat race but I never dreamed I'd be raising farm animals. When we bought our property in the winter, neither of us noticed that the adjoining land was infested with Kudzu. Springtime came and the dormant Kudzu sprang to life - I sprang into action with a book of matches and a can of gas. That failed and I decided a bunch of hungry goats would do the trick. It did - on our land. 5 years later, a stint in state politics and alot of patience, we finally achieved getting Kudzu added to the noxious weed list in Missouri. While it would be the "normal" city slickers way to say, "deed accomplished, we can lose the goats", I think that many of you see we are still not thinking of giving up goats. Even if we moved to a Kudzu free area, I think we would still have goats (and other assorted farm animals). With animals, you'll never be lonely. Sure, there are days when I swear I'm going to sell the farm and raise goldfish, but to be perfectly honest, most goats have a certain allure about them. Most non-goat people regard you as off your rocker but are quick to come out the the "petting zoo" we call our home to give their "ooh's and ahhs". Imagine old G Pfalzbot sitting here in the sticks, talking to Hollywood record execs, roosters crowing in the background, guinea hens pot-racking up a storm, a doe and her newborn kid sprawled on the studio floor....you get the picture. Hey, even Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin was a sheep farmer. He needed an escape, I need mine (though I'm nowhere comparable to Robert Plant).

LOL - Pam I am the same way!! My name is Helene...you know the one with a cazillion questions and lots of opinions. Sorry. I was born and raised on Long Island NY (guess that explains it). We moved to Florida in 1983 and then here to Crossville, TN almost 4 years ago. My hubby Mike and I have known each other since our teen years but never actually got together until we were 18. I am 38 yrs old, stay at home wife and mom of 3 (oohh noo) boys. I was always the "give me a condo or a townhouse so I dont' have to worry about yard work" type of person. Now look at us - back to the basics since we moved here to the beautiful TN mountains. We have 9 goats, chickens, 1 Great Pyr named Ralph, 1 Pitt Bull named Hailey who is our house pet, fish, 2 gerbals and 3 guinea pigs. We love to grow veggies, can them, make our own bread.. My mom keeps saying "who are you and what have you done w/my daughter". We try to be as self sufficient as possible and are enjoying every minute!! I am looking forward to being able to start milking our goats in the summer. We have 1 LaMancha, my baby Eris..the rest are either full Boers or Boer/Spanish mix..we also have one Kiko. All are approximately 9 months old except for 3 that are 3 months old. We started off with about 25-30 goats and after getting rid of the escape artists and the not so friendlies we have decided to stick with the 9 until the spring. Then we plan on more LaMancha's (I just love that breed) and of course some more Boers. Maybe a Nubian or two but I think we are going to strictly stay w/the LaMancha and Boer breeds. Anyway, sorry for going on and on..next...

"Juanita Dixon"
I grew up in Kansas. Milked my first goats when I was 25 for Bill and Joan at Dionysius Dairies in Auburn, California. I bought my first goats from them, Tog's (pretty little girls in their pinafores)! I am a Nubian fan at heart. I have a herd of Nubian/Boer crosses. Fell in love with a LaMancha/Boer buck this spring when he was 2 weeks old. I live in Idaho now. I am 49. I have started my first web page here at GoatWorld. First kids of the year are due on 2/5/02. Thanks to all who answered my 911 earlier this month. I am glad in Gods grace and happy to be here at GoatWorld.

I am a wannabe goat owner right now. I raised goats in 4-H in New Jersey, (4 Nubians, 1 Saanen), but now I live in Florida. I am working at a very small residential school that has a few pygmies and one Nubian doe. I actually was a volunteer 4-H leader for a year at the school when the teaching position opened up just at the time I was looking for a new teaching job. My husband and I are saving and searching for a few acres on which to start my goat farm in about 3 years. My goal is to learn as much from all of the people on this site while I am waiting to get my own. I just wish there were some Florida reps, as we have had some problems that I just never encountered in NJ, like serious parasite problems due to standing water in September. Anyway, I am really enjoying the forumn and look forward to getting to know everyone a better!

We live in Northern Alberta just a few miles from Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. A farm gal originally, spent most of the last 25 years in the big cities; a nurse by profession (now operating a pilot car business), and back on the land. We have 12 goats - Nubians and Alpines- and this all started when the better half thought he was being funny!. I had bought an old gelding for a companion horse for my 2 year old Arabian mare. When the old boy showed up in the yard and the gates swung open on the horse trailer, out jumped 2 goats along with the old boy. I was furious - phoned the gal from whence they had came and was even more furious when I found out they had to be milked!!!! Only a matter of days and I was head over heels in love with the girls. Bought 2 more Nubian doelings from a neighbour, then an Alpine doe with twins, then two more Nubian/Alpine cross doelings and finally two Alpine doelings. Had the original Nubian does bred and they produced twins so there we are-a full dozen. Now when I am away and the milking has to be done, I (not so gently) remind the old goat who started all this of just how this all happened. Oh, and yes, it gets really cold here sometimes but when I read about problems that some of you folks have with creepy crawly things, I thank god for the frozen north. And thanks to all for being part of my "goat" family. Kari - the Goat Lady of Demmitt (name of Community we live in).

Hi, I just thought I would let everyone know who was the 'newbie' asking questions. My name is Kerrie and I live in NE Ct. We have only lived here a few months(7), my husband got transfered here with his job. So we moved from west central Missouri to Connecticut, BIG change! Anyhow in MO we had a pygmy(Ginger) who was a Easter present(instead of a rabbit) and then of course she was lonely and my daughter, Alyssa (11 yr) wanted to show dairy goats for 4H so we bought 2 Lamancha sisters Sunny and Delight. When the big move came we had to sell our livestock, chickens and all. Company wouldn't pay to move them , just dogs and cats. So now we are starting over. We have 4.5 acres, less than half of what we had in Mo. Before the move I was a gardener at a botanical garden near KC,MO. I have a BS in Agriculture emphasis in Horticulture from Central Missouri State Univ. Right now I am not working too far to drive to garden like I was working at and refuse to go back to retail. So goats will be my time consumer , besides gardening. I have only one goat(Oberhasli wether, named Bubba) and he is very spoiled but a real sweetheart,he is in harness training right now and doing well. And a trouble making Border collie, TJ who is working on obedience and will start on training for herding this fall and some agility training. I am hoping to find 2 or 3 does and 2 horses before the end of fall. I guess I better shut up and go. It is nice to meet you all :0)

Hi Everyone! My name is Doug DeBoard I live in Catlettsburg Ky. I have raised goats for four years now. Right now I have 20 does and one Buck. I hope to learn alot on here and maybe be of some help.

"Linda F."
Hello everyone! Yes I'm back I just want to say that I really missed goatworld and the wonderful people on this site. In case you don't remember me my name is Linda Flanagan and my husband Pat and I raise fullblood Boers and percentages have been doing this for a few years now. We have currently sold 1/2 of our herd and are now down to 20 head. Goats are wonderful creatures and I have to say that I really wouldn't want to raise anything else at this point. Besides raising our goats we have 4 children 2 of which have already moved and are on there own and going to school they are 20 years and 18 my 18 year old had just moved out of the house but she is close to home and I see her everyday, (guess you can say she's a momma's baby). The 2 that are home yet are 15 and 13. OK now that I got that out of the way back to the goats we just took our bucks out of the pens with the nannies about 2 weeks ago so hopefully in January we will be kidding, also hope the weather stays nice like this for the rest of the winter ( ya right!) Can always dream I guess. We live in Southwest Minnesota near Pipestone so I am fortunate to have a good Vet and clinic close by in case of emergencies but they are not always available so thats when all you helpful people will have to help me out! Well I've rambled long enough Look forward to chatting with all of you and its nice to be back.

"Lyman & Lila"
We have had goats for over 20 years off and on but there is always something to learn. We found out the hard way. Well, at least we have the people here to ask questions. I guess we NEVER get these animals figured out and as times change, it gets worse. We have enjoyed our goats most of the time. We are from southern Minnesota and in the winter when babies need to be bottle fed every 3-4 hours, I wonder then if it is worth it when I go stumbling outside in my jammies in the freezing cold and snow. But then they start bucking and playing and they are sooo cute! One kinda forgets the troubles then. We have about 40 does and 20 young ones and they are a handful at times. We have cross does and are breeding them to Boer bucks. The cross makes for super strong babies I think and wouldn't change it for anything. We just had triplets on the 4th of this month (October 2001) and mom didn't have enough milk, so we are bottle feeding some to help out. Well I have rambled long enough. I sure like this board and people on it are the nicest. Thanks to all.

My name is Maggie Leman, my husband, Dan, and I have raised and shown NPGA registered pygmy goats for over 10 years. Our farm, Maggidan's Minis, is near Durham, NC. Currently I am the Health, Education and Research Chairperson for the North Carolina Pygmy Goat Club. You can visit our web site at: http://pws.prserv.net/maggidans

Hi Guys, Mary here. I live in the mountains of upstate NY, near Oneonta, NY. We have 39 acres, mostly wooded (although we did have some bush-hogging done a few weeks ago, exposing some nice pastures-my husband refers to them as skeet ranges-we'll see who wins that one-(smile)). I was born and raised in this area, but always lived in the city (I call it the city-others may laugh as it is actually a very small college town). We moved to the mountains about 6 years ago. I am a nurse, my husband is a doctor. I kind of retired when my youngest was born 5 years ago. Now I stay home, and love it. We have 4 children-21,17,15, and 5. And I am a young grandmother (41) to a beautiful 7 month old little boy. We (or I guess I should say I) have 7 unregistered pygmy goats-4 does, 2 wethers, and a buck. I started with just 2 about 3 years ago. I love them to death! I had my first kidding last spring, and it was an experience I'll never forget. I sold one set of twins, and kept the other set. As I said, I now have a buck, so I am going to make his dreams come true, and introduce him to the does in December. So I'll be a goatgrandma again in May. We also have 5 chickens, 2 pot bellied pigs, 5 cats, three dogs(springer spaniel,airedale terrier, and standard poodle),a bearded dragon lizard, and two lovebirds....oh and my 17 year old daughter has some rodents in her room, but I refuse to enter that place.LOL. I am addicted to the goats, and want to continue expanding. I have a new interest in spinning, and fiber so I may dabble in some angoras, or may get some sheep. I just haven't told my husband yet..shhh...got the whole winter to prepare him.LOL. So, that covers me in a nutshell. So glad to have goatworld, and all you guys in my life. Take Care.

Basically, my name is Natalie - Nat for short. I live in Connecticut and have Oberhasli and Toggenburg Dairy goats. Right now, I *think* my herd is at 9 goats (I've got a few leased out to 4-hers and a vo-ag, so head counts can vary :-) I also have 2 horses, half a dozen turkeys, chickens...etc.. pick an animal - I either have it or have raised one at some point! I lease my barn which is down the road from me and have been there for almost 10 years now (goats for only 4 years). I am also a student at the University of Connecticut, Animal Science major - livestock production. I'll hopefully be graduating with a B.S. in 2003. UConn's animal barns are a place I also call home because if I am not at class, at home, or at my farm, I'm working! We have 80 beef cattle, 70+ pigs, 120+ sheep that I'm involved with daily. -Nat' s Little Bit Farm

I am Pam, I live in Coolville, Ohio (SouthEastern). I have 4 Oberhasli does and a buck. I have had goats in the past - always had to sell them due to moving. This is the longest, 4years now and growing. I also have chickens, Great Pyrenees, Schnauzer, a rabbit, ducks. All have their purpose. I like gardening, milking my goats, making soap, and canning. I am 36 and desire to learn the old ways. I think I was Amish in my past life. LOL.

"Penny Tyler"
Hi, I am new to this board. Not new to goats or Goatworld though. I have had goats since 1984. I started with Nubians then added a few Alpines and then some LaManchas, You how that goes. Because of a bad car accident, that caused perment damage, my Dr said I had to get rid of the goats. I could not do that. I had been reading about Nigerian Dwarves and asked my husband Tom, about just stepping down in size and he was very supportive of that idea. In 1988 I got started in Nigerian Dwarf goats. I sold all of my big goats and have not looked back. I dearly love the Nigerains. We milked and the whole bit. I got Nigerian Dwaves started in 4-H in the US in 1989. My daughter showed them here in our local county fair and then on to the Western Washington State fair. This made 4-H history we are very proud to have made this happen. Nigerians have come a long way since then. In 1995 we were involved in a second bad car accident. :-( I again received more permenant damage so we had to make changes again. I can no longer milk cut back the size of my herd and have really curbed my showing and judging goats. It is ok to make those changes and I didn't have to give up the goats. My husband has been wonderful support and has made it possible to keep the goats. Recently I aquired a small herd of San Clemente Island goats. They are very rare, less that 200 of them left. They are beautiful. I became involved with GoatWorld nearly 2 years ago I think. I really love this site and Pam and Gary are wonderful people. I'm currently a Capri Medic here for them on Goat911. I love helping other people and even more I love the reward of helping to save goats lives or just making them well again. My hats off to Pam and Gary for making this all possible. Penny Tyler Tupence Nigerian Dwarf & San Clemente Island Goats Brass Ring Katahdin Hair Sheep Allyn, Wa.

"Sandy Logan"
Hi GoatWorld friends. My name is Sandy Logan, I am a 39 year old female and I live in Thompsons Station TN, thats 30 miles South of Nashville TN. I live on a 168 acre farm my grandfather purchase in 1940. My parents, and my two brothers also have houses here on the family farm. Me and my brothers help our parents with a little over 100 head of beefcattle. I was raised here and have been around animals of all kinds my whole life. I got my first 2 goats in April 1994 2 days after my divorce became final. I was married for 8 years. I do not have any 2 legged kids, but I do tell poeple I have children, just not the 2 legged kind. At this time I have a total of 16 goats... my oldest is Bubba Goat,hes my first born and will be 8 years old May 6th, 2002. When I got my first goats in 1994 goats was one animal I really knew nothing about. But I learned quick just how smart they are... All my goats are pets, they all know their names and will shack hands with ya...In fact they will shack hands or I should say hooves with you as long as U stand there.. lol. They never meet a stranger... I have just sold 2 of them over the years and the 2 i sold was my best does at the time and I know they went to a go home because i still have contact with the lady I sold them to.. I have never owned a buck since I just lease one when I raise kids... I don't breed my does every year... I haven't had any babies born since April 1st 1999 and boy was that the April fools day nightmare of my life... I had to have my vet deliever 3 babies by C-section in an emergency. We delivered the babies 8 days early and one of them a little doe weighted less then 1 pound at birth, I think I aged about 3 years within a 2 week period. The moma died 2 day later, but my vet done a grat job. My doe went down with pregnancy toxemia and I had my vet make a farm call and she said that we need to take the babies first thing the next morning. I stayed out at the barn with my doe all night just to keep her a live until we could get her to my vets office the next morning, mind you this was like at 10 oclock at night when my vet came out. I had my doe at her office at 6:00 a.m the next morning. The other doe and buck kid were almost normal in weight,but this little doe was so small, I named her Little Bit, she was a very special little girl, in fact she stayed in a clothes basket in the house for 8 days before she was strong enough & big enough to jump out.. Her lungs weren't developed enough at birth, She could not make a sound at all... She moreless sounded like a little mouse, that's about all she could do... The day she and her brother and sister were delievered was about the happest day of my life, but the saddest day came this past July 3rd when I lost my little baby girl. I had her in my life for a little over 2 years and I will remember her forever... I have probably close to a hundered pictures of my goat kids. I still cry just about every day when I go out to the barn and tend to the rest of my kids and there's no Little Bit there, at least not in site, but she's there in spirt. I don't know what happened, but she went off feed, her temp was normal and I had started her 4 days earlier on Probios, Nutri Drench and Bio-Mycin. She was weak, but I had checked on here that afternoon since I was home on vacation that week and I went out about an hours later and she was down. I think maybe one of the others may have brushed by her and accidently knocked her down, they would not have done it on purpose, in fact they kind of took care of their baby sister. When I got to her she was bloated and out in the hot July sun. She died in my arms after about 10 minutes. If you have animals the time will come sooner or later that we all lose one of them... And it never gets easy and you never forget... You guys remember a couple of months ago when we got in the BIG discussion on Goat kisses, well I get goat kisses everyday and I love-em.

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am 51 years old and live in Holden, Missouri. I bought my 10 acre farm 3 years ago after living in the city all my life, it is what I had always wanted to do so I finally did it. I started getting animals slowly I bought 2 Horses, Yearlings at that and didn't know a thing but I am learning. Then I got 80 chickens, 20 ducks, 3 Geese, 1 Pot Bellied Pig, 6 cats, 3 dogs and last year my first Goats. I called an ad in the paper for Pygmys for sale and went and looked at them and that was it (they were 6 weeks old) they stole my heart. The owner also said "I have a 1 year old male Llama I will throw in for $75.00" I said OK if you can deliver him. So I put the goats and the Llama together and it has been true love ever since for all of us. I got 2 more Pygmys several months later that were only 4 months old. I just never knew something could be so sweet I just adore my 3 goat guy and 1 goat girl. Well I will stop rambling on but I will probably ask lots of questions since this is all new to me. Thanks.

"The Woodies"
Sandra and Tony Woodward own a 20 acre property about 30 miles from Perth Western Australia. The property is in the foothills with views across the plain to Perth. Bullsbrook is a small rural village, very pretty and unspoilt. We have always had lots of pets, currently three cows, including Bilby the Brahman, two sheep Lary and Lindsay, six goats, five of which are Anglo Nubian, ducks, chickens, parrots, goldfish and three cats. Tony is a self employed professional person working from an office at home and Sandra is the Chairman of the Board !!

Hi, Well I all started with my neighbors daughter who belonged to 4H. They had a goat with two cute little Nubains. A doe, and a weather. Well I talked the wife into letting me get the little doe. We brought her home, and she did nothing but cry all night. I again convinced my wife we had to get her brother to keep her company. Then this summer one year later I visited a farm with goats. Yes we came home with a Boer Doe 2 months old. So now its the fall and I just got my first buck Nubian about two weeks ago. (2 months old). So now we are well on our way. I also have a Beagle and lots of kittens. I have two childern. Stacey is 12, and Tommy is 9. My lovely wife Patti and I live in Northeast Ohio. I am 35 and am a General Manager of a Chi- Chi's restaurant. And I truly enjoy this sight. In fact my wife just asked "Are you on GoatWorld Again"??

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