Dog Scare

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Posted by Kerrie on October 22, 2002 at 05:07:34:

Well you know how you have those days that never go go as planned. I had one yesterday. First the electric fencer quits, no big deal we ordered a new one, and haven't heard the coyotes for a while. Then the horse tore down a piece of pipe fence, and was standing in between the pipe on it, he is a master at untying and getting wire off of things, so if it is tied it is not staying there. We have to chain everything shut, open and together(we use a lot of carabiners). Then I kept smelling something in the laundry room like something dead, well we had taken my friend to Cape Cod for a day to whale watch (didn't go too windy) so we wen to the beach and drove to Hyannsis Port to see how the other side lives(gates to Kennedy compound were open so we got to look at the property from the street), well so we went to the beach and Alyssa picked up shells little did I know that some of the shells still had little critters in them and there they were dying in the laundry room, got those out and used Fabreeze(I wonder if that is good for buck smell???). Anyhow I got the horse out and put the gate up and chained it. So I went for a ride in the pasture, while we were in the front pasture Jack threw his head up and whinnied, it scared me because he only does it at feeding time. Well about that time here comes the neighbor's boxer, then I heard Bubba. We took off and got to the barn just in time to catch the other boxer at the goat pen. They are afraid of the horse and took off, Jack was all snorty and wound up until we went to see Bubba.
They are best buddies so he gets excited if he hears Bubba cry or make any noise except at feeding time.Our dog was with my daughter in the house so he was all riled when he got outside and started barking(this dog never barks) so that surprised us. this is the second time they have been at our house. The neighbors are nortorious for taking in strays, they have 3 boxers and a Briard(all useless), and none of the boxers have seen livestock. To top it off the neighbor is a lawyer, and they have invisible fence. And they are gone all week to Boston and spend only weekends here while there teenage kid watches the place(makes sense=( ). Now i have to wait until the weekend to talk to them. Sorry I am venting and rambling, I was just upset.

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