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Goat Mineral Mix

Goat Mineral MixSince offering a large variety of feed and mineral supplements, I've been asked quite often to make up a "special mix" that essentially equates to the formula given in Pat Colebys' book, "Natural Goat Care". What you see here is essentially the best mix money can buy.

Compare to Ultimate Goat Mineral.

This base mix comes premixed and ready to feed, but can also be bolstered with other supplements such as Biotin, Cobalt Sulfate and ZinPro40 as well as any of our other supplements, to create a mix to your exact specification. Selenium, molasses (dry), ammonium chloride, sodium bicarbonate as well as other ingredients available upon request and can be calculated into the total mix.

If you have special goat supplement needs that need to be added to this particular mix, please email your requests before ordering so I can calculate a total price and give an estimated date of delivery. You may also call (719) 468-3943 and we can discuss your desired nutrition needs for this mix.

"Standard" Goat Mineral Mix - Ingredients
Dolomite 12.5 Pounds / 6.25 Pounds
Sulfur 2 Pounds / 1 Pound
Copper Sulfate 2 Pounds / 1 Pound
Seaweed Meal (Kelp) 2 Pounds / 1 Pound
Stock Salt ** 2 Pounds / 1 Pound
** Stock Salt is now only added upon request. Otherwise the Goat Mineral Mix is made without stock salt added.

Typical Feeding Routine
As with introducing any new feed or supplement, start with a small daily ration and gradually increase ration to desired level over a weeks time. Once desired level has been achieved, continue feeding daily, once or twice a day, or as specified in the Natural Goat Care book or as recommended by your veterinarian or nutrition specialist.

Recommended dose for FIRST feeding: one teaspoon per goat per day, adjust over time to achieve optimum results. Not recommended for free choice feeding. This is based upon the behavior of your goats...some goats tend to paw at their food, thus wasting it. Also based on your climate...leaving the Goat Mineral Mix out in the elements such as wind, snow and rain is also wasting it. In some applications, providing Goat Mineral Mix free choice may be ideal.

My typical feeding experience with Goat Mineral Mix is to add the desired amount to an existing "sticky" sweet feed such as 4-way, steam crimped oats, all stock or all grain, in a small coffee can. Stir the contents of the coffee can to ensure a thorough mix, and then offer this mix to one goat at a time on the milking stand or other type of application where you can feed your goats individually.

The above listed base mix comes premixed and is a somewhat dense powdery/grainy mix that can be fed as a top dress or added to your existing feeding regimen, i.e., sweet feeds, grains, etc.

Myths, Facts, General Considerations
As with any nutrition based product, there are going to be certain truths and falsehoods surrounding the benefits of that product. It should first be noted that every situation is different and therefore, every situation should be carefully scrutinized before making judgement on whether or not a product works or is not working to achieve the desired results. Ideally, a person that intends to use this mineral mix for their specific livestock needs, should at the very minimum, have a basic understanding of what specific elements and minerals do, and what their specific interaction with "other" minerals and elements is. Better yet, a person should be willing to have routine bloodwork performed to monitor the specific levels of any given element or mineral.

For the past several years that I have been offering this particular product, I have worked with many of my customers on developing a mineral plan that achieves the results they desire. More often than not, "tweaking" the formula in the slightest manner achieves the optimum results. For example, for customers that live in selenium deficient areas, additional selenium needs to be added to the mix. Some customers have been quick to point out as well that "leaving out" such minerals as sulfur or copper sulfate won't affect the mineral mix because they don't feel they are a benefit. This is where a person must take caution. Leaving something out of a mix can often be detrimental, as elements and minerals have a relationship in which they interact with each other.

There are a certain number of people that have tried this particular product, seen no immediate results, and therefore have considered it to be of no value. These same people have been quick to judge the product, and most probably, not really taken the time or effort needed to make a quality evaluation of the product. Please do not fall into the trap of thinking there is a "miracle" mineral mix available as such - there isn't.

The bottom line here is that there is no one, sure fire mineral mix that is going to be perfect as "every class of livestock" has their own specific mineral needs. There are too many factors involved, not only physiological, but climatic and agronomic as well. A person that is looking for the answer to achieve their desired results must be willing to devote the time and effort in developing the plan that works for their specific needs.

Packaging and Storage
The item is packaged in one thick package bag or multiple ZipLoc bags to preserve freshness and upon arrival, the item should be placed in an area free of excessive temperature extremes, moisture and direct sunlight. Shelf life of this item when kept in container is indefinite.

A note about the thick package bag: this bag is not sealed with a tied knot. Instead, the two closing ends (yellow ribbons) have been wrapped around the top of the package several times; one ribbon wrapped several times and the second ribbon then passed through the loop in the first ribbon and wrapped around the package in the same manner as the first ribbon. The very last wrap results in a small loop which is passed over the top of the package creating a lock stitch of sorts. At any rate, do not cut the package. I plan soon to do a short video of this technique so customers will have an easier time opening the package and resealing it.

Shipping and Larger Quantities
The shipping is included on this item and it is shipped in a Large Flat Rate Priority Box. Larger quantities may or may not fit into the Large Flat Rate Priority Box and at this time, it is best explained that a doubled order would be best ordered and sent as explained above, in two Large Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes.

Canadian Residents: This product can be shipped to Canada. The price for shipping is dependent upon location and overall weight of package. General guidelines indicate an approximate 6 to 10 day shipping time based upon Canadian Customs. For more information, please email Please be sure to include your full address including Postal Code.

We no longer accept PayPal for livestock and mineral orders. (Click here for more info) To pay by check or money order, please remit amount for the item and quantity you would like to purchase to:

    Gary Pfalzbot
    c/o GoatWorld
    14685 County Road D
    Ordway, CO 81063

  • When ordering, please include a small note regarding what you are ordering.
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  • All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING. No additional charges will be billed to you.
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