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"GoatWorld 911 Legal Disclaimer"

The following Legal Disclaimer applies to GoatWorld 911 and the GoatWorld Emergency Evacuation Network...

Use of the GoatWorld 911 Emergency Contact Network is bound by the following:

1) The Contact Person listed on GoatWorld 911 (hereafter referred to as "911 Contact") or the GoatWorld Emergency Evacuation Network (hereafter referred to as "GWEEN Contact") has read, understood and agreed to the following statements before they become listed as a 911 or GWEEN contact:

    A) "It shall be understood that this legal disclaimer covers the GoatWorld 911 Emergency Contact List which focuses on providing emergency health care for the caprine community, and the GoatWorld 911 Emergency Evacuation Network which focuses on providing emergency relocation resources. This legal disclaimer also covers GWEEN which focuses on providing an emergency evacuation network for animals in the face of a disaster.

    B) "The information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. By submitting my application for inclusion to this list, I understand that I am voluntarily giving GOATWORLD.COM permission to publicly post my personal contact information and to include my telephone number and/or email address if authorized to do so."

    C) "I further understand that by volunteering to be an Emergency Contact for GOATWORLD.COM that I am in no way offering my services with any expectation for financial compensation from either GOATWORLD.COM or the person contacting me for help. I also understand that neither the person contacting me for help nor GOATWORLD.COM will in any way hold me liable for the results of the advice I offer. In the case of GWEEN, it shall be determined by both the evacuation seeking parties and the parties providing evacuation services what extent of financial and competent responsibility by both parties to be provided."

    D) "I am not a licensed veterinarian unless otherwise noted on the list and realize that my emergency advice may be in addition to or in lieu of immediate care or advice from a licensed professional veterinarian. I offer my help based on my own personal experience and a desire to genuinely assist other GOATWORLD.COM visitors who may not yet be as experienced as myself or have a licensed professional available at the time of contact."

    E) "By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and am in total agreement with the provisions set forth in the GoatWorld 911 Legal Disclaimer Notice."

2) The person seeking assistance (hereafter referred to as "911 Requestor") understands and agrees to the following:

    A) "911 Requestor understands that the assistance, opinions and advice given by a 911 Contact are meant only as an emergency situation alternative when and where immediate veterinary assistance is not available. The 911 Contact can bear no responsibility for the manner in which their advice is implemented by the 911 Requestor."

    B) "The 911 Requestor understands that certain steps must be taken in order for a 911 Contact to provide the best advice possible. Such steps include but are not limited to: taking the goat's temperature, providing a description of the goat's demeanor or attitude, and other physiological data which will help the 911 Contact to quickly and accurately assess the situation.

    C) "It is usually in the best interest of the 911 Requestor to seek a licensed professional who is qualified in Caprine veterinary medicine as soon as possible whenever an emergency with their goat's occurs. Sometimes this is not possible due to location, or time of day or night or qualification of a vet to handle goat-specific emergencies. This is the reason for the GoatWorld 911 Emergency Service."

    D) "No liability or damages may be claimed against either GoatWorld.com or a 911 Contact as a result of the outcome of assistance provided to a 911 Requestor by a 911 Contact. The above statement also applies for any situations arising fromt he use of GWEEN."

3) All parties involved (911 Contact and 911 Requestor and/or GWEEN parties) are also bound by the following provisions :

    A) "A 911 Requestor has the right to notify GoatWorld.com of any behavior or conduct of a 911 Contact which in their perception seems less than professional or caring. This also applies to GWEEN parties."

    B) "It shall be understood that 911 Contacts shall not use this list simply to promote or advertise their own products and/or services. In such cases as the 911 Contact may have products available for purchase which are known to be helpful in emergency situations, the 911 Contact may offer the product to the 911 Requestor as one of several options."

    C) "The 911 Contact may offer to provide such product free of charge to the 911 Requestor with the absolute understanding by both parties that the 911 Requestor is under NO OBLIGATION to either purchase or take advantage of the free product to resolve the problem. Violators of this policy will be removed from this service at the discretion of GoatWorld.com."

    D) "Positive feedback and updates are also highly encouraged and appreciated by GoatWorld.com and may be used to help further promote the use of and advertise the benefits of this free service."

4) Linking to and copying any part of Goat911 is bound by the following provisions:

    A) "Copying of any part of the Goat 911 contact list is strictly prohibited. Because each 911 contact has volunteered to be listed, contact information may change or become outdated; contacts previously listed to make their information public may have opted to be removed. Case in point: one contact listed passed away and the family was contacted repeatedly and reminded of the circumstance."

    B) "Use of any of the contact information for purposes other than which it was intended is prohibited."

    C) "Providing a static link to the Goat 911 information is prohibited in the form of a text or banner link as provided at: http://www.goatworld.com/links/linkcode.shtml".

We highly recommend that persons using the GoatWorld 911 Emergency Contact Network,
should print out this Legal Disclaimer for their protection and reference.

GoatWorld 911 Emergency Contact Network - Legal Disclaimer - Revision 5 -- 07/10/2013

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