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"Caprine Vital Signs - Physiological Data"

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Caprine Vital Signs - Physiological Data

When dealing with the overall health of goats, there are a few basics that everyone should be familiar with. Most humans know that our normal body temperature is 98.6F. We also know that our blood pressure should be 120/80 to be considered within a normal range. Similarly, goats have their own vital readings that are considered within "normal" ranges. The table below will help you become familiar of what to expect when determining your goats health. Many of the Capri-Medics on GoatWorld and other individuals who are willing to help a goat in time of need will most often ask one simple question right off the bat - "what is your goats temperature?".

Temperature 101.5o to 104o F
Respirations Adults: 12 - 20 per minute
Kids: 20 - 40 per minute
Pulse 70 - 80 beats per minute
Rumination 1 - 1.5 per minute
Estrus Cycle 18 - 23 days
Gestation 146 - 156 days

Heart Beat Apparent 20 days
Limb Buds Visible 28 - 35 days
Differentation Of Digits 35 - 42 days
Nostrils & Eyes Differentiated 42 - 49 days
Eyelids Close 49 - 56 days
Horn Pits Appear 77 - 84 days
Hair Around Eyes & Muzzle 98 - 105 days
Tooth Eruption 98 - 105 days
Hair Covering Body 119 - 126 days
Length Of Fetus At 30 Days 1.4 cm
Length Of Fetus At 145 Days 43 cm

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